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List of approved applications - Programme CZ07

Department 58 – International Relations
Department 58 – International Relations


Ranking Title of the project Title of the applicant Approved grant (CZK)
List of approved Applications - Programme CZ07
 1.  Teachers on the move Střední zdravotnická škola a Vyšší odborná škola zdravotnická, Liberec, Kostelní 9, příspěvková organizace  437 435 CZK 
 2. Marketing of Galleries and Trade of Artworks in the Czech Republic and Iceland ART & DESIGN INSTITUT, s.r.o. 105 779 CZK
 3. Universities approaches in tackling the changing job markets for graduates  Faculty of Business Administration, University of Economics, Prague  495 000 CZK 
 4.  MIDPOINT/ Iceland - Midnight Sun Script Development Workshop  Academy of Performing Arts 494 547 CZK 
 5.  Establishing Czech-Icelandic collaboration in plant cytogenomics Central European Institute of Technology - Masaryk University  487 000 CZK 
 6.  Czech-Icelandic Clean Energy Cooperation Faculty of Mechanical Engeneering  484 830 CZK 
 7.  Art-Research Bridge  Brno University of Technology 454 360 CZK 
 8. Potential for sustainable tourism in ecologically sensitive regions Environment Center, Charles University  489 859 CZK 
 9.  TIME - Technologies in Modern Education Gymnázium Teplice  494 955 CZK 
 10. Promotion of cooperation and sharing of experience in early childhood education  Palacky University Olomouc  772 500 CZK 
11.  Analysis of e-learning methodology for prison education at university level  Masaryk University / Faculty of Economics and Administration 239 000 CZK 
 12.  Enhanced Navigation Algorithms in Joint Research and Education Czech technical university in Prague / Faculty of Mechanical Engeneering  1 236 384 CZK 
 13.  Community structure of freshwater microbenthos

 Charles University

 188 636 CZK
 14.  Know-How Transfer for Bilateral Institutional Knowledge-Base Improvement J. E. Purkyně University in Ústí nad Labem  1 074 106 CZK 
 15.  Cooperation on Curricular Innovation of Environmental Studies (COCIES) Masaryk University / Faculty of Social Studies   1 142 076 CZK
 16.  Transnational and national migration: experiences from Czech Republic and Norway Charles University, Faculty of Arts   1 158 255 CZK
 17.  Outdoor Learning and Health Physical Education in Cross-curricular Education Charles University, Faculty of Education 587 000 CZK 
 18.  Interdisciplinary Experience in Applied Physics and Applied Computer Science Brno University of Technology  532 750 CZK 
 19.  Research and education in ab initio calculations of mechanical properties of materials: applications to hydrogen embrittlement in metals and strength of polymer-metal interfaces  Brno University of Technology 1 237 500 CZK 
 20.  New Public Management Reforms and Accounting Practices in Municipalities of the Czech Republic and Norway  Faculty of Business Administration, University of Economics, Prague 1 237 086 CZK 
 21.  Development of Paramagnetic NMR Spectroscopy of Metallodrugs  Central European Institute of Technology - Masaryk University 614 025 CZK 
 22. MIDPOINT/Norway - Script Development Programme  Academy of Performing Arts  1 230 733 CZK 
 23. Molecular, pathological and clinical predictors of high-risk endometrial and cervical cancer – current knowledge and potential for clinical implementation  Masaryk University / Faculty of informatics   1 026 250 CZK
 24.  Better Learning in schools: Reflective Teams as a Resource in School Development Masaryk University/Faculty of Arts  1 233 003 CZK 
 25.  DNA barcoding of cryptogams, including biosystematic studies of selected groups  Masaryk University 1 236 302 CZK 
 26.  Mobility of students and education staff leading to the integration of the interactive visual analysis with analysis and visualization of protein structures and their ensembles  Masaryk University / Faculty of informatics  755 625 CZK
 27.  Mathematical Education Through Modeling Authentic Situations - METMAS Brno University of Technology   1 237 500 CZK
 28.  Interdisciplinary education of junior historians of mathematics Technical University of Ostrava   711 184 CZK
 29.  Establishing of Institutional Cooperation between UiT The Arctic University of Norway and University of Chemistry and Technology in Prague in education in the field of food quality and biotechnology University of Chemistry and Technology Prague/Faculty of Food and Biochemical Technology   1 237 338 CZK
 30. Desktop publishing in sign languages   The Teiresias Centre at Masaryk University 791 250 CZK 
 31. BEGIN: Broadening experience with guidance in vocational education  Czech University of Life Sciences Prague / Institute of Education and Communication  665 750 CZK 
 32.  Mobility for Development of Universities (MODUS) University of Pardubice   1 247 950 CZK
 33.  Collaboration in the execution of doctoral study programmes focusing on engineering, materials and mechatronics Institute for Nanomaterials, Advanced Technologies and Innovation  997 755 CZK 
 34. Health determinants and health inequalities in the Czech Republic and Norway: lessons, challenges and perspectives of cooperation  Institute of Public Health and Medical Law, 1st Faculty of Medicine, Charles University in Prague  906 950 CZK 
 35. Czech - Norwegian Mobility Partnership Faculty of Business and Economics, Mendel university in Brno  1 007 356 CZK 
 36. Polar ecology course - geosciences  Masaryk University  1 226 111 CZK 
 37.  Polar ecology course - bio sciences University of South Bohemia in České Budějovice   1 202 400 CZK
 38. Formation of research surrounding for young researchers in the field of advanced materials for catalysis and bioapplications  Brno university of technology  1 009 800 CZK 
 39. Education collaboration in mechanical engineering  Technical university of Liberec  649 530 CZK 
 40.  Development and Creation of Teaching Methods in Lifelong Learning Programmes University of Economics Prague  824 310 CZK 
 41. The transition of physically handicapped graduates to the labour market  Metropolitan University Prague  452 200 CZK 
 42. Community Innovative Entrepreneurship Study Course  Charles University, Enviroment Centre  1 090 567 CZK