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Dept 58 - International Relations
Dept 58 - International Relations


Updated 8-12-2015
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1. How much money was distributed in the Programme Period 2009 – 2014?

A total of 131.8 million EUR was allocated to the Czech Republic from the EEA and Norway Grants 2009-2014. The exact figures regarding the allocated funds are not currently available; nevertheless, most of the allocation intended for individual programmes/calls was distributed among specific projects.

2. How is it possible that the 2009 – 2014 period has still been running?

In the 2009 – 2014 period all calls under the programmes were announced and completed (except Programme CZ01 – Technical Assistance and Bilateral Fund. This fund however is not intended for funding projects, but as financial support of broad initiatives and information activities.)

In spite of the fact that the calls have been completed, the period is still running, because now we are in the implementation phase when individual projects are using the funds to achieve the set objectives. The EEA and Norway Grants 2009-2014 will be completed in 2018.

3. When will the new programme period begin?

The third programme period of the EEA and Norway Grants is currently being discussed between the EU and Donors. At the present time it is very probable that there will be another period.

4. When do you expect that new applications for financial support in the new period can be filed?

At the present time it is not easy to estimate when the calls for the next period will be announced, because it is still being negotiated at the level of the EU and Donors. The most optimistic prediction of the implementation beginning is spring 2017, but it is really only our prediction.

5. Is it possible to receive any funds already now?

Yes. Two calls within the Fund for Bilateral Relations at National Level have been opened now. You will find more details about the current calls and bilateral cooperation here.

6. Who can apply for a grant and what projects (initiatives) will be supported from the Fund for Bilateral Relations at National Level?

The allocation of funds from the Fund for Bilateral Relations at National Level can be applied for by entities that focus on the programme areas and cooperate with entities in the donor countries in the programme areas. Apart from to the National Focal Point, Programme Operators and Partners, these can also be other entities which have been active in a particular programme area for at least 1 year.

You will find more details in the text of the call and its schedules here.

As far as the focus of initiatives is concerned, we need to note that in contrast with the Technical Assistance Fund in the previous programme period or the Partnership Fund in the Swiss-Czech Cooperation Programme, this initiative will be short-term, its objective will be to support bilateral relations, and it will be apparently beneficial for the respective programme area as well as for the Czech Republic.

7. Is it necessary to interlink the programme with a partner from the country supporting the project?

The project does not necessarily need to have a foreign partner. The quality evaluation criteria were published as part of each call. A partnership in a project with donor countries was rated depending on its scope in each call a little differently (max. several points of a hundred points available), but in this respect, the partnership project had a slight advantage.

8. Please give an example of some projects supported at the present time.

In the programme period 2009 - 2014 there are many interesting projects that are worthy of attention. From the perspective of publicity, the area of culture is interesting, focused on conservation and renovation of cultural monuments, revitalization of museum collections, written and film heritage and support of contemporary live art.

In this area, I would like to highlight some current projects.

One of them is the Digital Restoration of Czech Film Heritage project whose objective is to preserve and make available the Czech film heritage in new technologic conditions.

The project has its own website which is regularly updated.

Other projects that are worthy of notice are, "Renovation of the roof, shell and organ of the church of the Virgin Mary of the Snow" in Velké Karlovice, or "Restoration of the neo-gothic temple in the chateau park in Krásný Dvůr"

We also belong to the main partners of Khamoro - the Roma Festival.

You will find all supported projects at our website, the Programmes / Approved Projects section.