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Human Rights

Dept 58 - International Relations
Dept 58 - International Relations


Updated 12-9-2018
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Title of the Programme Human Rights, Roma Inclusion and Domestic and Gender-based Violence
General information
Programme grant 19 000 000 EUR
Programme co-financing 3 352 941 EUR
Funded from Norway Grants 2014 - 2021
Programme operator Ministry of Finance
Contact person

Preparation and Coordination Unit

Mr. Jiří Koudar
Tel.: +420 257 044 592

Programme partner  
Donor programme partner Council of Europe (CoE)
European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA)
Objective of the programme Human rights situation improved and discrimination and extremism combatted at national level
Programme area Human Rights – National Implementation
Roma Inclusion and Empowerment
Domestic and Gender-based Violence
General information The specific focus of the Programme will be discussed within next months and will be published after its approval by the donors.