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Norway Grants 2009 - 2014

General information, news, calls and a list of approved projects within the Norway Grants 2009 – 2014. List of individual programmes.


CZ07 - Scholarship Programme

CZ07 – "Scholarship Programme" - following areas:

  • SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAMME - Support of cooperation among schools and staff internships
  • BILATERAL SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAMME - Exchange students and staff of elementary, middle and high schools

CZ11 - Public Health

CZ11 – "Public Health Initiatives" - following areas:

  • Mental Health Care and Healthcare for Children
  • Improving Prevention and Subsequent complications

CZ14 - Schengen Cooperation

CZ14 – "Schengen Cooperation and Combating Cross-border and Organised Crime" - following areas:

  • Schengen Cooperation
  • Combatting Cross-Borerd and Organised Crime
  • Trafficking and Itinerant Criminal Goups

CZ15 - Cooperation in Justice

CZ15 – "Effective Cooperation in Justice and the Development of Correctional Services" - following areas:

  • Judicial Capacity-building Cooperation
  • Improvement of Correctional Services, including Non-custodial sanctions