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Prevention of illness after-effects and health problems in childhood in University Hospital Olomouc

Department 58 – International Relations
Department 58 – International Relations


RegionOlomouc Region
Title of the ProgrammePublic Health Initiatives - Activity II. Healthcare for children
Title of the ProjectPrevention of illness after-effects and health problems in childhood in University Hospital Olomouc
Number of the Project---
Project Promoter

University Hospital Olomouc

Objective of the Project

University Hospital Olomouc Perinatology Centre Neonatology Division is the main representative of this project. The University Hospital Olomouc has been awarded the status of a Perinatalogy Centre since the nineties, and it was re-confirmed in the 2/2014 Ministry of Health Journal. The Olomouc Perinatology Centre with its Division of Neonatology covers the whole territory of the Olomouc Region, in terms of providing specialized care for asphyxiated newborns it also covers the Zlín Region. Within the Olomouc Region, the Centre collaborates with five hospitals, i.e. with hospitals at Jeseník, Šumperk, Přerov, Prostejov and Šternberk. Primarily, complicated newborn cases are being taken over from the hospitals. The range of the cases is based on providing highly specialized newborn care. Therefore, it also includes the most complicated cases - from newborns at the border of viability (in the Czech Republic it is the 24th week of pregnancy), children with birth asphyxia, congenital developmental defects and to all other pathological conditions. The Division of Neonatology consists of an intensive and resuscitation care unit, an intermediate care unit, a section of normal (physiological) newborns and a consulting room for high-risk newborns to monitor the high-risk newborns released from the hospital. The consulting room is, together with the cooperating clinics, the main subject matter of this project. There is no other such consulting room in the Olomouc Region. In 2013, a total of 2,136 children were born at the Olomouc University Hospital. There were 79 children with birth weight under 1,500 g. A total of 286 children were hospitalized in the intensive and resuscitation care unit. All the children released from the Perinatology Centre are being invited to be monitored in the consulting room for high-risk newborns. Pursuant to the uniform methodology of the European Association of Perinatal Medicine (EAPM), the child health conditions are monitored in two years of age. The above multidisciplinary approach ensures the follow-up perinatal care for newborns released from the Olomouc Hospital Perinatology Centre. The monitoring of these children is active and long-term monitoring to meet in the best way the requirements for secondary and tertiary prevention, i.e. the detection of diseases and the prevention of complications in the selected group. The purpose of the project is to support the below mentioned preventive measures consisting of the acquisition of medical equipment and devices and the associated creation of methodologies and training of staff, parents or an entire new methodology creation. The equipment and training or methodologies lead to a significant improvement of the follow-up care. The project has several parts in terms of the planned project activities – for more details see the Project Documentation.


Approved grant

Approximately 269 555 EUR

Project DurationStart date: 1st January 2015, End date: 29th April 2016