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Developing an analytic platform for the use of the information systems of the Police of the Czech Republic to their full capacity

Department 58 – International Relations
Department 58 – International Relations


RegionNational coverage
Title of the ProjectDeveloping an analytic platform for the use of the information systems of the Police of the Czech Republic to their full capacity
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Number of the ProjectČíslo projektu
Project Promoter

Police Presidium of the Czech Republic

Date of Approval4-3-2015
Objective of the Project

The project aims to create a secure analytical platform that can ensure automatic processing of data regardless of the information format, the data structure and where the information first was entered.

The development of a secure analytical platform for automatic processing of data, including the purchase of equipment. At present time the Czech Police has fragmented structure of information technology with more than 60 information systems that are used in connection with the fulfillment of legal obligations.

Single heterogeneous information sources are accessible only within the purpose of information systems, but in addition to these information sources they are also in different geographic locations. Each of these systems were developed by different methodology and a limited degree of success in compliance with the project deadlines.
Each system contains partial information that is accessible only within the each particular system, it is very difficult to trace context and relevant information across systems.

Newly implemented consolidated implementation of development and test environment will ensure a comprehensive system solution that maximally support the development, modification, or extending the functionality of software applications, not only access to the source code, but also to other substrates documenting the creation process software so that they can be maintained in the long term applications and modified.

Therefore the goal is to streamline the development of new and development of existing functionalities of informational systems which can be summarized in the following benefits solutions:

• Accelerating the development and deployment of applications
• Allowing parallel development and involvement of developers dislocated workplaces
• Increased safety of the developed applications
• Establishing development methodologies available to all development teams
• Acceleration and increase efficiency in collaboration and development with external suppliers
• Standardization of components developed and reusability
• connectivity to external systems not only in the Czech Republic but also within the Shengen area

Another equally important factor is the introduction of modern methods of management and lifecycle management software that accelerates the delivery of software and improve the quality of supply.       

Approved grant 1 096 000 €
Project DurationStart date: 4th March 2014, End date: 30th April 2017