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Implementation of comprehensive rehabilitation system in Psychiatric Sanatorium U Honzíčka

Department 58 – International Relations
Department 58 – International Relations


RegionSouth Bohemian Region
Title of the ProgrammePublic Health Initiatives - Activity I. Mental health care
Title of the ProjectImplementation of comprehensive rehabilitation system in Psychiatric Sanatorium U Honzíčka
Number of the Project---
Project Promoter

Písecká zdravotní

Objective of the Project

Písecká zdravotní, a. s. is a joint stock corporation operating private Psychiatric Sanatorium ‘U Honzíčka’ since 1 July 2009 in premises leased from the town of Písek. The premises are in the ownership of the work, there has been no investment into the building since 1997. Premise serving the psychiatric care unit as unsuitable from sanitary reasons, but more importantly also with respect to the current standards of provided care. Alarming conditions of the centre is demonstrated in Annex 24 ‘Photo-documentation’. Therapeutic activities are limited by the limited room, they cannot be further developed or their quality significantly increased. The current requirements for providing psychiatric care cannot be met in the current premises. The operator or the centre has therefore decided to change this situation radically by concluding a new lease for premises, and will relocate there during Q2 2015; these new premises will meet standards of a modern psychiatric facility. The concluded lease exceed the sustainability period for the submitted project.

Project aims to cover a part of the expenditure associated with relocation, equipment of the new facility and improvement / extension of care for patients by offering new therapy and education for the facility staff. The following operations will be covered by the main activities of the facility which is provide healthcare services.
The new premises will increase capacity of the facility from 57 to 81 beds, which will partially supplement the long-term lack of therapeutic capacity in South Bohemia Region and which will enable gradual fulfilment of the plan for Development of Psychiatric Care in South Bohemia Region (please refer to Annex 6 – Justification of the need to implement the project). This will improve standard of healthcare in the region and access to these services for mentally ill patients, reduce the unjustifiably long waiting period for hospitalization at the facility (currently 6 – 8 weeks). Relocation into new premises, which will have sufficient capacity and equipment, will create functional but also harmonic and aesthetic complex offering care and therapy. Sufficient capacity of the new premises (therapeutic room, gym, library, workshops, training kitchenette, multimedia coffee shop etc.) service therapeutic needs and equipment of these premises with the necessary therapeutic aides, providing additional necessary education to staff will allow improvement and upgrade of all offered activities, increased frequency and wider spectrum of offered therapeutic programmes. New environment within the relocated psychiatric facility will provide patients, beside new therapeutic and leisure-time activities, also a higher degree o privacy and dignified environment.

The project will also offer education lectures for family members of patients and other general public. Our aim is to share expert information on mental disorders and possibilities of treatment but also to make the public aware of the plight of mentally ill patients and their integration back into normal life re-socialization and job market possibilities.

We will support efforts to change the public preconceptions and stereotypes on mental disorders by organizing events in the said new multimedia coffees shop, where we will organized exhibitions and presentations of patients from arte-therapy or ergo-therapy classes, or discussions between the staff and the public, involving where appropriate, also the patients.

Varied therapeutic activities will make treatment more effective and patients will have a more pleasant experience during their time in the facility. Therapeutic activities relax patients and that improves therapeutic effect and reduces the time necessary for care. Therapeutic activities will be provided by a professional multidisciplinary team consisting of a psychiatrist, nurse, psychotherapist, social worker and work therapist.


Approved grant

approximately 321 457 EUR

Project DurationStart date: 1st January 2015, End date: 30th April 2016