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Albertinum Žamberk – the Implementation of the Comprehensive Rehabilitation System in Terms of a Psychiatric Clinic

Department 58 – International Relations
Department 58 – International Relations


RegionPardubice Region
Title of the ProgrammePublic Health Initiatives - Activity I. Mental health care
Title of the ProjectAlbertinum Žamberk – the Implementation of the Comprehensive Rehabilitation System in Terms of a Psychiatric Clinic
Number of the Project---
Project Promoter

Albertinum, Žamberk


Objective of the Project

The main objective of the submitted project “Albertinum Žamberk – implementation of the comprehensive therapy system in the psychiatric ward” is to provide conditions for development and implementation of a complex programme for treatment and therapy care in the psychiatric ward, which will allow monitoring and evaluation of patients and subsequent decision whether they should be placed into care outside the care facility, into community care and gradually return the patients into normal life, which should reduce re-hospitalization of patients. The applicant for grant is Albertinum, a specialized treatment centre in Žamberk (hereafter Albertinum), a contributory organization of the Pardubice Region who is the sole provider of subsequent psychiatric care on the territory of the Pardubice Region. The complexity, respectively comprehensive system of care is understood in the submitted project as a mutual interlinking of interventions in the are of physical health, mental health and social needs. Project seeks to reconstruct the existing premises of the so-called "doctors’ villa" within the Albertinum as it is not possible to implement the comprehensive therapy system within the framework of existing psychiatric ward. Reconstruction will create therapeutic offices to be used for psychotherapy and other care therapy methods. It will also provide room in the form of training kitchen and day room for training of eating habits and strengthening of other daily functions. There will be also a training washing room and additional social facilities serving for training for personal belongings and self-service in normal life and cementing work routines. In addition, there will be room for day-time complex therapy rooms, psychiatric ambulance, clinical psychology ambulance and community centre office. There will b offices for the social worker coordinating extra-mural care and lecture room for education of psychiatric war and subsequent care patients, including out-patients. Reconstruction will free up additional premises within the Albertinum providing rooms for training of social activities – training of shopping, sessions of cognitive-behavioural psychotherapy, which will gradually increase demands of each trained activities, which will better prepare patients for the normal life. The grant will be also used to extend the current spectrum of offered education seminars for the professional staff in the areas of social care and supporting psycho-therapeutic techniques. The grant will be also used to equip the villa with furniture, aides, IT, SW and stimulating games. Within the framework of publicity for the project we will ensure awareness of the public with regard to the project (primarily in local and regional press); there will also be a conference for general public and open door day. A partial objective is to de-stigmatize patients undergoing psychiatric care.

Approved grant

approximately 723 921 EUR

Project DurationStart date: 15th December 2014, End date: 30th April 2016