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List of approved applications - Programme CZ02

Department 58 – International Relations
Department 58 – International Relations


Ranking Title of the project Title of the applicant Approved grant (CZK)
List of approved Applications - Programme CZ02
1 Monitoring of NATURA 2000 sites as a tool for effective management and conservation of autochthonous crayfish T. G. Masaryk Water Research Institute 8 988 674
2 Monitoring of carnivore species of Eurpean importance in selected Natura 2000 sites Friends of the Earth Czech Republic – Olomouc local group 6 935 071
3 Actual damage extend of forest and water ecosystems on the territory of SAC Krkonoše and harmonization of a basic monitoring network for observing their further development as fundamental data set for improving their management towards their higher stability and biodiverzity Krkonoše National Park Administration 7 373 351
4 Monitoring of the status of species listed in the EU Nature Directives in Natura 2000 sites Nature Conservation Agency of the Czech Republic 15 879 995
5 Creation of environmental education programs for the study of the response to climate change Mendel University in Brno 7 976 520
6 BIOM: Biodiversity education centre Mohelský Mill Institute of Vertebrate Biology 7 832 828
7 The red book of woody plants of the Czech Republik, The red book of threatened species of the floodplain forests of the Dolní Morava Biosphere reserve and The red list of threatened species of UFE Křtiny Mendel University in Brno 7 695 774
8 Measures for stopping the loss of biodiversity at statewide and regional level Nature Conservation Agency of the Czech Republic 7 999 695
9 Development of strategy for mitigation of river fragmentation impacts in the hydrological network of the Czech republic Nature Conservation Agency of the Czech Republic 22 922 592
10 The reduction of habitat fragmentation consequences in various types of landscape in the Czech Republic Czech University of Life Sciences Prague 12 211 915
11 Complex approach to the protection of fauna of terrestrial ecosystems from landscape fragmentation in the Czech Republic Nature Conservation Agency of the Czech Republic 8 196 733
12 Monitoring of natural forests of the Czech Republic Silva Tarouca Research Institute for Landscape and Ornamental Gardening 7 525 584
13 Monitoring of small forested catchments GEOMON – research tool for strategic policy decisions in the environment Czech Geological Survey 8 923 472
14 DA VINCI – DAta Visualisation, INterpretation and Comparison Improvements for organic pollutants in long-term monitoring networks Masaryk University in Brno 10 487 327
15 Silvicultural measures to improve forest biodiversity in protected areas Forestry and Game Management Research Institute 6 307 797
16 Monitoring of long-term changes in biological diversity of running waters during climate change: design, realisation and implementation into the public information system ARROW T. G. Masaryk Water Research Institute 9 123 987
17 Improving the public perception on sustainable use of water resources and landscape planning for increase of ecosystem services in global changing environment. (LaPlaNt) METCENAS 7 029 839
18 Czechadapt – System for Exchange of Information on Climate Change Impacts, Vulnerability and Adaptation Measures on the Territory of the Czech Republic Global Change Research Centre 22 029 478
19 Frameworks and possibilities of forest adaptation measures and strategies connected with climate change Mendel University in Brno 11 931 972
20 Resiliency and adaptation to climate change in regional strategies Veronica Ecological Centre 8 474 364
21 Development of urban adaptation strategies using ecosystem-based approaches to adaptation Global Change Research Centre 14 392 566
22 Increasing public awareness for an active protection of biodiversity in the Czech Republic Friends of the Earth Czech Republic 9 680 781
23 Vysocina Region Biodiversity Czech Society for Ornithology – Vysočina Region 10 870 384
24 Support of information exchange and education about the impact of climate change and adaptation measures on national and regional level Masaryk University in Brno 7 838 495
25 HUMAN TO NATURE, NATURE TO HUMAN Environmental Education Center Kladno - Čabárna 7 335 270
26 Krkonoše - men and nature Krkonoše National Park Administration 12 666 453
27 National strategy of building adaptation to climate change Chance for Buildings 6 500 000
28 Raising awareness and publicity of the importance of forest functions in the landscape and near-natural watercourses in urban areas as a part of basin ecosystem services Mendel University in Brno 9 424 000
29 Implementation od retention and infiltration adaptation measures in Morava river basin River coalition 7 863 849
30 Nature, who cares? Beleco 15 200 804
31 Adaptation of the settlements to the Climate change - practical solutions and sharing experience CIVITAS PER POPULI 8 865 162
32 Raising Public Awareness of Biodiversity in Artificial Biotopes in the Czech Republic Institute for eko-politics 7 330 347
 33 Protecting our most endangered biotopes – wetlands and steppes – by the land trusts  Czech Union for Nature Conservation  9 248 060 
 34 Education and scholarship support in the field of importance of forest ecosystems and the conditions for maintaining their diversity  Mendel University in Brno  9 039 443 
35 Complex planning, monitoring, information and educational tools for adaptation to the impacts of climate change, with the main emphasis on agriculture and forestry management in the landscape Brno University of Technology 22 627 621
 APPROVED IN TOTAL 364 730 203