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Development of urban adaptation strategies using ecosystem-based approaches to adaptation

Department 58 – International Relations
Department 58 – International Relations


RegionNational coverage
Title of the ProgrammeBiodiversity and Ecosystem Services & Environmental Monitoring and Integrated Planning Control & Adaptation to Climate Change
Title of the ProjectDevelopment of urban adaptation strategies using ecosystem-based approaches to adaptation
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Project Promoter

Global Change Research Centre

Name of Norwegian Partner(s)

Institute for the Sustainability Studies, University of Iceland

Name of Local Partner(s)

Czech Technical University in Prague
Prague Institute of Planning and Development
Czech Environmental Partnership Foundation
Jan Evangelista Purkyně University in Ústí nad Labem
Urban Planning and Development Institute of the City of Pilsen

Objective of the Project

The purpose of the proposed project is to start and develop the process of preparation of the city adaptation strategy and design and assessment of appropriate adaptation measures in selected pilot urban areas of big cities - Prague, Brno, Plzen in the Czech Republic under support of ecosystem based approaches. Partial objectives of the project will include assessment of risks and vulnerabilities connected with climate change on the local urban level, identification of relevant adaptation measures in cooperation with involved entities, quantification of costs and benefits of the preferred adaptation measures, preparation and formulation of city adaptation strategies following the "Strategy of Adaptation to Climate Change under Specific Conditions of the Czech Republic" and commencement of the process of implementation of the adaptation strategy and the related measures. The project preparation stage will include involvement of a wide spectrum of partners who will contribute to the process of strategy preparation, vulnerability assessment, participative sessions, information support, testing of individual approaches etc. The purpose of the project in the pilot cities will be commencement of a discussion about preparation of adaptation strategies, identification of appropriate measures, examples of correct practice and professional, information and methodological support to the pilot cities in their adaptation to climate change. Another significant project component will be inclusion of elements of "green and blue infrastructure" (greenery and water ecosystems) and ecosystem services to the adaptation cycle and to the individual measures and adaptation alternatives. The EU Strategy for Adaptation to Climate Change (2013) supports ecosystem based approaches to adaptations as cost-effective solutions which are readily accessible and offer a broad spectrum of benefits such as development of biodiversity, reduction of flood risks, reduction of soil erosion, better quality of water and air and decrease of the effect of urban thermal islands. Utilisation of ecosystem based approaches in preparation of adaptation measures will therefore help improve biodiversity. Particular project objective include: 1. Development of adaptation alternatives in selected cities (Prague, Brno, Plzen) with a focus on inclusion of elements of the "green and blue infrastructure" 2. Preparation of the adaptation process, identification of the main themes in the area of urban adaptations 3. Assessment of risks and vulnerabilities connected with climate change on the local level of the individual cities 4. Proposal of new measures of adaptation to climate change with orientation on ecosystem based approaches 5. Quantification of costs and benefits of the preferred adaptation measures 6. Preparation and formulation of adaptation strategies for the pilot cities (Prague, Brno, Plzen) 7. Preparation and setting of the process of implementation and monitoring of the adaptation strategy and related measures. The proposed project orientation will also support development of skills and building of human resource capacities for adaptation to climate change in cities. In this context the theme of adaptive capacity of cities as a very relevant issue penetrates all project activities. In cooperation between the applicant, the target group and other project partners the individual adaptation measures with their preferences will be specified and the adaptation alternatives will be proposed with the aim to support development of the proposed adaptation strategies on the level of the selected pilot cities. The proposed project supports development of bilateral cooperation between the applicant from the Czech Republic and the Icelandic partner, the Institute for Sustainability Studies of the Iceland University. The cooperation will further contribute to development of knowledge base in the area of impact of climate change, adaptation and development of adaptation measures and will inspire capacity building in this area.


Approved grant

Approximately 543 116 EUR

Project DurationStart date: 1st January 2015, End date: 30th April 2016