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Stop violence for health

Department 58 – International Relations
Department 58 – International Relations


RegionNational coverage
Title of the ProgrammeCZ12 - Let´s give (wo)men a chance
Title of the ProjectStop violence for health
Number of the Project595
Project Promoter

ROSA - centrum pro týrané a osamělé ženy

Name of Local Partner(s)

Vysoká škola zdravotnická

Objective of the Project

The project aims to help prevent and reduce the incidence of domestic violence and to raise awareness of the area among helping health professionals. Fulfilment of the objectives will be based on comprehensive education of key professions (teachers and students of health and medical schools), prevention and research. There will be a training module including e-learning materials, instructional videos for paramedical professions (nurses, paramedics), and educational manuals. We will provide training for teachers and students of medical schools, including the possibility of gaining experience and expertise with the workers at a counselling centre and conducting undergraduate work. The output will be a comprehensive training module of e-learning materials, manuals which will be offered to other schools, students, hospitals, health professions. To provide training in schools for students, teachers and health workers there will be a trained team of internal trainers. In the area of prevention, a media campaign will be held to support the project and increase the motivation to seek professional help.

Approved grant

1 915 001 CZK

Project DurationStart date: 1st May 2015, End date: 30th April 2016