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Czech - Icelandic Clean Energy Cooperation

Department 58 – International Relations
Department 58 – International Relations


Title of the ProgrammeCZ07 - Scholarship Programme
Title of the ProjectCzech - Icelandic Clean Energy Cooperation
Number of the ProjectEHP-CZ07-ICP-1-083-2014
Project Promoter

Czech Technical University in Prague

Name of Norwegian Partner(s)

Háskólinn í Reykjavík, vysoká škola

Objective of the Project

The project was focused on establishing closer cooperation between the Czech Technical University in Prague in the Czech Republic and Reykjavík University in Iceland. The main purpose of the cooperation was to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and experience concerning clean and environmentally friendly energy production technologies, particularly those from renewable energy sources and those with low carbon utilization of fossil sources. The established cooperation was a first essential step for following common research activities and for running individual projects for Ph.D. students. As planned, the project organized 2 technical workshops (1 in the Czech Republic, 1 in Iceland) and a doctoral double degree program agreement was signed. Two individual projects were also prepared, with one already gaining the interest of a Ph.D. student. The main benefit of the projectwas , in addition to the double degree agreement, knowledge and know-how sharing, an established partnership between the institutions for future projects and new individual relationships between researchers.

Approved grant

363 683,21 CZK / 13 724 €

Project DurationStart date: 01.09.2015, End date: 31.08.2016