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Synapse 2015

Department 58 – International Relations
Department 58 – International Relations


Title of the ProgrammeCultural Heritage and Contemporary Art - programme area no. 17
Title of the ProjectSynapse 2015
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Number of the ProjectČíslo projektu
Project Promoter

MeetFactory o.p.s.

Name of Norwegian Partner(s)

Stiftelsen Insomnia

Objective of the Project

Synapse is a project of mutual exchange between Norwegian and Czech artistic communities—the exchange of culture and experience—initiated by Insomnia festival in Tromsø, Norway, on the one hand and MeetFactory, Prague, Center for Live Culture on the other.

“Synapse“ is a term common for the both Czech and Norwegian language (written and pronounced the same way), originating in biology – a connection between neurons, through which the nerve cells transfer information. In figurative sense it is about striking a connection and commencing information transfer between two nearby cultures.

Synapse Project is more than “just” a bilateral exchange of artists. The artists will be put in context with the environment where they will present their art, establish contacts with the local scene and exchange their experience. And, of course, it is also about presenting contemporary art and culture to the wide spectrum of viewers in both partner countries.

Synapse as a joint iniciative is primarily a platform for presentation of contemporary electronic and alternative music. The objective is to bring the best of contemporary Norwegian music in the Czech Republic and present the best of Czech contemporary music scene at the festival Insomnia in Tromso. But the project is not limited to the music. Both applicant & partner organizations have a common background in contemporary electronic music and contemporary visual art, and a long-term collaboration behind—both Insomnia and MeetFactory are members of ICAS and ECAS (International Cities of Advanced Sound / European Cities of Advanced Sound) networks, which connect about 40 organizations (30 in Europe and 10 in North and South America) involved in organizing events such as festivals of contemporary music (electronic, experimental, independent scene and the like) and providing support to domesticscenes active in these genres.

Both Insomnia and MeetFactory explore overlaps of street art and contemporary visual art — as a part of their program, Insomnia is presenting contemporary art in exhibition grounds. Likewise MeetFactory runs the 3 own galleries presenting a range of contemporary art from big international names to local emerging talents and Synapse joint initiative has 7 activities, that will run bi-directionaly between Norway and Czech Republic. The participation of Czech & European artists and experts, a presentation of newly commissioned joint artwork in Norway take place at the annual Insomnia Festival in October 2015, while the performances of Norwegian & European artists and experts will be made part of the programs of three successive so-called Public Houses at the MeetFactory during 2015 and 2016 (September, December 2015 and April 2016).

Public Houses are events organized jointly by all four MeetFactory departments (theatre, gallery, artists-in-residence program, music), serving as a regular platform where artistic performances of all genres and especially their overlapping are presented.

The admission is usualy free or voluntary, in order to avoid the entrance fee barrier for the wide public both from Prague and the whole Czech Republic.


Approved grant

2 856 847 CZK

Project DurationStart date: 7th May 2015, End date: 30th April 2016