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Department 58 – International Relations
Department 58 – International Relations


RegionOlomoucký region
Title of the ProgrammeCultural Heritage and Contemporary Art - programme area no. 17
Title of the ProjectNordspiration
Project Website

Number of the ProjectČíslo projektu
Project Promoter

DW7, o.p.s.

Name of Norwegian Partner(s)

Dansarena nord

Objective of the Project

The Nordspiration project supports exchange of art and development of cooperation in the field of contemporary dance and performing arts. It was created based on cooperation between the cultural centres Dansarena nord from Hammerfest and Olomouc-based Na Cucky Theatre and it presents a unique programme of productions which will be performed during the autumn 2015 and winter 2016 in Olomouc and therefore offer a detailed insight into the current trends of the northern cultural scene.

The presentations of the particular productions will be supplemented with a discussion with the creative team and workshops for the general public. However, the inspiration for the public is not solely visual and the project is not aimed only at the general public – also professional theatre and dance artists can be part of the target groups and they can get inspired in the field of production processes and artistic work.

The chosen productions performed by Norwegian artists represent a varied spectrum regarding the generational and genre aspect. Among them, we can mention the fearless performers Ingeleig Berstad, Kristin Helgebostad and Ida Wigdel with their production called Jordjenta, a humorous conceptual production Black Warrior created by Kim Hiortoy and Lisa Ostberg, a dance duet Sisters - 11 Years After performed by Liv Hanne Haugen and Anne Katrine Haugen, a performance focusing on export of weapons The sound of Freedom performed by Amund Sjolie Sveen and an intimate piece about an eating disorder performed by Hege Haagenrud called The Boundless Ones. The cooperation of the partners does not comprise only creation of the dramaturgy but also development of further cooperation in the field of residencies.

Based on the results of the grant, an open call for Czech artists will be created and one art group will be chosen to stay in Hammerfest as artists in residence. In the course of one month, they will work in top-class conditions and then present their “work in progress”. The established cooperation inorganization of residencies should continue even after the project is finished and this counts for both Czech ensembles in Norway and Norwegian in the Czech Republic.

The project consists of sharing of experience, know how, artistic exchange and inspiration of general public as well as theatre and dance experts. Both the partner organizations are located in “cultural peripheries” or rather outside the cultural centres which is a specific feature of the project. In this context, it is especially important that the grant can enable production of the artistic works that would in other cases not have a chance to be produced there.

It is also important to say that both organizations are very successful in the long term and run smoothly within the local, regional and international context. The realization of the project should develop the efforts to form a specific audience interested in performing arts and provide them with the newest trends in this field.

The established cooperation on the level of artists or management can evolve in more intensive cooperation between the Czech Republic and Norway and thus become a source for many other coproduction projects and intensive production exchange.


Approved grant

1 600 000 CZK

Project DurationStart date: 7th May 2015, End date: 15th June 2016