Role of NKM

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Dept 70 -


Ministry of Finance represents the National Focal Point – (NCP) for all Programmes of the EEA and Norway Grants 2009- 2014 in accordance with Government Resolution No. 242 of the 17th March 2004.

Ministry of Finance as the National Contact Point (NCP) is responsible for the overall management activities of the EEA / Norway Grants in the Czech Republic in accordance with the Memorandum and Rules and Procedures.

National Contact Point responsibilities include:

  • Overall responsibility for achieving financial mechanisms, financial control and audit
  • Acceptance of proposals and the submission of a reasoned opinion to the FMO
  • Cash flow management and verification of payments under the Grant Agreement
  • Preparation of annual reports to be submitted to the FMO
  • Provide complete and sufficient appropriate audit institutions
  • Provision of information and publicity about the availability of EEA and Norway Grants
  • Role of the National Focal Point is described in detail in Appendix A Memorandum of Understanding.

National Focal Point shall appoint a the Monitoring Committee (MC) for overall monitoring and control of the preparation and implementation of projects financed from both the EEA / Norway Grants.

The Committee (MC) will assist the National Focal Point in the selection and management of projects. The Committee (MC) responsibilities will include the following tasks:

  • Recommending proposals National Focal Point for submission to the FMO
  • Monitor compliance with the Rules and Procedures
  • Evaluate the overall progress of a financial report
  • Approve the annual monitoring reports prepared by the National Focal Point
  • Statute of the Monitoring Committee and its composition


The Ministry of Finance represents the Programme Operator of all the EEA and Norway Grants (Programmes).