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Potential for Sustainable Tourism in Ecologically Sensitive Regions

Department 58 – International Relations
Department 58 – International Relations


Title of the ProgrammeCZ07 - Scholarship Programme
Title of the ProjectPotential for Sustainable Tourism in Ecologically Sensitive Regions
Project Website

Number of the ProjectEHP-CZ07-ICP-2-140-2015
Project Promoter

Charles University

Name of Norwegian Partner(s)

Islandská univerzita

Objective of the Project

The project established institutional cooperation, developed a joint research program, and buildt capacities for cooperation in teaching. The partners signed an Agreement of Understanding; jointly developed a methodology to assess the potential for sustainable tourism and used it in Sumava National Park in the CR. This region was explored, local stakeholders werecontacted and interviewed, data analysed and a case study was written which l served for making comparisons with similar cases in Iceland. A research reportwas produced (the basis for a joint article published beyond the scope of the project); a case study was incorporated into the teaching case and used in an international online course which was taught in WS/2016. The project outcomes and gained expertise were presented to local stakeholders who became more informed about sustainable tourism and its benefits and who were introduced to the means to achieve this sustainable path. The theme of the projectwas innovation in the CR in the sphere of research and higher education.

Approved grant

481 094,28 CZK / 18 155 €

Project DurationStart date: 01.10.2015, End date: 30.09.2016