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Restoration of the jewish cemetery in Mělnik on Dobrovského street

Department 58 – International Relations
Department 58 – International Relations


Updated 22-12-2014
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RegionNational coverage
Title of the ProgrammeCultural Heritage and Contemporary Art - programme area no. 16
Title of the ProjectRestoration of the jewish cemetery in Mělnik on Dobrovského street
Number of the Project---
Project Promoter

Municipality of Mělník

Objective of the Project

The aim of the presented project is to restore the Jewish Cemetery in Dobrovský Street in Mělník (number in ÚSKP – Central List of Cultural Monuments No. 36577/2-3644), which is located in the garden of the former synagogue. The above mentioned cemetery is in a desolate state and has no entrance of its own (the current entrance is through the building of a neighbouring bakery) and to visit it it is necessary to agree on admission by the shop assistant/owner of the shop. The cemetery was founded in 1878 and was owned by the local Jewish Community. There are 122 graves and 21 tombs on the overall area of 2.752 sq.metres of the cemetery. The project will make possible the construction of the Jewish Cemetery own separate gate, reconstruction of the perimeter wall, the division of the estate by a fence into a part used by the bakery and the part of the cemetery itself, the reconstruction of the tomb-stones, building of a path-way for the Mělník Jewish Cemetery to become a dignified place of reverence as it well deserves

Approved grant

approximately 265 623 EUR

Project DurationStart date: 1st September 2014, End date: 13th April 2016