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General restoration NKP Třebechovice nativity scene

Department 58 – International Relations
Department 58 – International Relations


RegionHradec Králové Region
Title of the ProgrammeCultural Heritage and Contemporary Art - programme area no. 16
Title of the ProjectGeneral restoration NKP Třebechovice nativity scene
Number of the Project---
Project Promoter

Municipality of Třebechovice pod Orebem

Name of Local Partner(s)

Association of Friends of the Creche

Objective of the Project

The National cultural landmark of the Probošt´s Třebechovice nativity scene belongs to the most valuable landmarks in the Czech Republic. The all-wood Probošt´s Třebechovice nativity scene had been created since 1885 for over 40 years. In its scale as a mechanical artistic technical organism it has no analogy in European context. Comparison of the Probošt´s Třebechovice nativity scene with traditional products of his contemporaries in the environment rich of inherited traditions highlights its uniqueness. The Probošt´s Třebechovice nativity scene differs not only by the scale of workmanship and all-wood mechanics but also by the rich intellectual meaning. It is a product of a deeply religious person who interpreted his product as an altar. These circumstances give us the right to compare the composition with historical altars and the biblical scenes illustrations by the most famous masters. The author brilliantly used all elements of folk arts available as well as the traditional vision of nativity scenes. He chose the clear wood-carving and kept the unity of the material including the mechanics and the preservation of composition and the scale of the product is unique. The fundamental component of the National cultural landmark is the mechanics, hidden from most spectators, which allows the motion of particular figures in the scene´s motion links. The mechanics is connected to 21 movable belts. The Třebechovice nativity scene has never been repaired or restored in its entirety. All the nativity scene parts are originals. In an attempt to keep the nativity scene going during its working life, some unprofessional repairs were done. The present state of some parts is described as the state of disrepair, many belts and mechanics are out of order (broken and loosened driving wheel teething, broken bases of slotted pieces, shaft deformations). The nativity scene central mechanics is positioned and stabilised in the load bearing, carving rich construction and during a partial restoration it is virtually inaccessible. That is why we introduce the project of General restoration of National Cultural Landmark of Třebechovice nativity scene during which the nativity scene will be completely taken apart, the central mechanics will be restored, the construction will be reinforced, slotted pieces will be restored and the nativity scene will be put into operation. The original technologies from the end of 19th and beginning of 20th century will be maintained during the restoration. The compliance with these technologies ensure that the Třebechovice Nativity Scene will remain the full-valued and at the same time fully functional proof of ability and brilliance of its authors. The restoration will go on in front of the public eyes; people will have a chance to observe the particular stages of the restoration through the glazed wall of the exhibition where the nativity scene is situated.

Approved grant

approximately 215 127 EUR

Project DurationStart date: 17th October 2014, End date: 30th April 2016