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Festivals of Live Cinema – Collaboration of the Czech (PAF) and Norwegian (Screen City) Platforms for Film and Contemporary Art of the Moving Image

Department 58 – International Relations
Department 58 – International Relations


RegionOlomouc Region
Title of the ProgrammeCultural Heritage and Contemporary Art - programme area no. 17
Title of the ProjectFestivals of Live Cinema – Collaboration of the Czech (PAF) and Norwegian (Screen City) Platforms for Film and Contemporary Art of the Moving Image
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Number of the ProjectČíslo projektu
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Screen City

Objective of the Project

The intended project „Festivals of Live Cinema“ focuses on mediating manifestations of live cinema that exist in the tradition of cinema, contemporary art and music in the specific Czech and Norwegian contexts.

In the middle of the last decade, the phenomenon of live cinema was proclaimed by a number of European curators and theoreticians as a distinctive feature of contemporary culture which is able to reflect the media, social and technological development of Western European culture.

This concerns for example the socioculturally andhistorically determined shift of the approach to visuality (the so-called visual turn) in the cultural and social practice of cultural nations; the intensified technologizing of national culture and related manifestations of art activity etc. Increasing emphasis placed on on visuality and technology has an important impact on the whole society and influences how the culture of a nation is being perceived by its members.

The applicant, the cultural platform and festival PAF, has been concerned with the issues of live audiovisual performance in the tradition of cinema, animation and visual arts for 13 years. Its activities in this area have received exceptionally positive reviews from both specialists and the general public abroad. PAF is organized by a professional team active throughout the year. Every year, students of film, theatre and media studies are encouraged to take part, materialize their curatorial projects and in this way gain practical skills within this platform.

The festival is unique in Europe in its academic environment, publishing activity (its own Edition PAF) and a database of films and videos it coproduced. PAF has long experience with international collaboration and projects.

The main goal of the project “Festivals of Live Cinema” proposed hereby is to interconnect various venues where contemporary manifestations of cinema and visual arts are presented: socially diverse space like cinemas, galleries, clubs and above all public places in towns where exposure to contemporary art through screenings, presentations, installations and performances in accessible public space would be possible for people from all social categories.

The programme will be accustomed both geographically and socially to the two particular towns in the Czech Republic (Olomouc) and Norway (Stavanger). We have been collaborating with the Norwegian festival and cultural platform Screen City since 2013 when an exchange of our film screening programme took place.

The current project develops the possibilities of collaboration with our Norwegian partner (whose production team has long been focusing on the topics of the project both in their theoretical and academic work and in practice through the platform of Screen City, presenting and displaying audiovisual art in public space) into a complex system and production of a unique programme for Czech and Norwegian cities, while together with Norwegian and Czech artists an international team of curators will be involved.

The project will build upon our long experience gained while collaborating on audiovisual performances with artists from abroad and preparing screening programmes and moving image exhibitions. For references on our activities, please see our website

The diversity of live cinema art will be analysed by an international team of experienced curators, theoreticians and artists who will participate in preparing an original programme for the Norwegian and Czech project outcomes: screenings, audiovisual performances and installations, workshops and lectures. Present social conditions and target groups will be taken into account.

The programme will be intended for the wider public regardless of demographic, ethic and social differences. Information gained in the project will be regularly updated and made available in Czech and English to both professionals and the general public via the website of the project; this bilingual output will communicate characteristic cultural heritage of the manifestations of live cinema to the international community.


Approved grant

2 234 812 CZK

Project DurationStart date: 7th May 2015, End date: 30th April 2016