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DOC.STREAM: New Impulses for Czech-Norwegian Documentary Environment

Department 58 – International Relations
Department 58 – International Relations


RegionJihočeský region
Title of the ProgrammeCultural Heritage and Contemporary Art - programme area no. 17
Title of the ProjectDOC.STREAM: New Impulses for Czech-Norwegian Documentary Environment
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Number of the ProjectČíslo projektu
Project Promoter

Jihlavský spolek amatérských filmařů

Name of Norwegian Partner(s)

Bergen International Film Festival
Western Norway Film Centre

Objective of the Project

Aside from other activities in the field of documentary film, the JSAF association organizes the Jihlava IDFF – the largest event of its kind in Central and Eastern Europe with a history of 18 editions. In the long term, Jihlava IDFF focuses on the promotion of Czech documentary filmmaking and helps to create an institutional background for the development and distribution of Czech cinematography.

In addition to discovering new trends in the area of creative filmmaking, one of the festival’s long-term goals is to bring together and interconnect various institutions so as to help young filmmakers reach their audiences – both through festival screenings, TV presentation, standard cinema distribution or on-line distribution.

In addition to the film programme, the core of which consists of competition sections focused on Czech, Central European and world documentary film, the festival comprises another important part – the Industry Programme aimed at developing competences of film professionals and promoting international collaboration. Its varied projects contribute to the enhancement of the quality of European film production and the creation of new art works and international co-productions.

Most of Jihlava IDFF’s Industry activities – e.g. the Inspiration Forum bringing together ten directors and outstanding personalities from areas outside the realm of film, or the Emerging Producers workshop intended for talented European producers – provide an original platform for interconnecting professionals from different countries, and help develop a cultural and social dialogue.

The DOC.STREAM project draws on the rich experience of organizing international projects and workshops for public, filmmakers and film professionals, naturally continuing with Jihlava IDFF’s efforts to interconnect activities in the documentary field on both the national and the international level. The project consists of three basic parts, the aim of which is to promote collaboration between Czech and Norwegian cultural entities and film professionals from among commissioning editors, producers, directors, festival representatives, art house operators, film distributors, journalists, academicians, film institution representatives as well as cultural centres, while also ensuring that most of the activities are open to general public.

Film and Industry programme at BIFF and Jihlava IDFF - retrospective of Norwegian documentary cinematography and a of prominent Norwegian director in the premises of the new festival venue of Thor Heyerdahl Cinema - Master Classes of renowned Norwegian filmmakers - 2 film breakfasts of Czech and Norwegian film professionals (moderated discussions on practical, theoretical and esthetical issues) - retrospective of Czech post-revolution documentary filmmaking at the festival in Bergen - engagement of Czech and Norwegian professionals in the existing workshops (Emerging Producers, Inspiration Forum and Festival Identity) and Industry activities as part of the programme of festivals held in Bergen and in Jihlava CZ/NOR Know-how Exchange - excursion of Norwegian and Czech film professionals providing a look behind the scenes of film and cultural institutions in the Czech Republic and in Norway and their engagement in the existing projects of Jihlava IDFF’s and BIFF’s Industry programmes - personal meetings opening the possibility of future collaboration Echoes of Jihlava IDFF in Bergen - presentation of aesthetically impressive and socially engaged films from Jihlava IDFF On the basis of the partnership with organizations from the donor country, DOC.STREAM strives to promote close cooperation between film professionals from Norway and the Czech Republic resulting in the creation of a platform for cultural and social exchange of experience in individual areas of the film industry. This conceptual and detailed exchange of practical and theoretical experiences with various specifics of the film industry, documentary production, distribution and aesthetics is aimed at mutual enrichment, enhanced presentation of cinematography of both countries as well as longterm cooperation between institutions that take part in the exchange.

Another important part of the project is the presentation and promotion of Czech and Norwegian documentary cinematography in both countries and the possibility of development of the aesthetical and artistic quality of their respective art productions.

All levels of the project promote the development of a broader culturally-social dialogue and the search for possible ways of how documentary filmmaking can help enhance social integration. For a detailed description of the project’s activities see the Appendix.


Approved grant

2 605 724 CZK

Project Duration7th May 2015, End date: 30th April 2016