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ARTSCAPE NORWAY - overlapping aspects of art in public space and landscape in Norway as an inspiration for the Czech Republic

Department 58 – International Relations
Department 58 – International Relations


RegionNational coverage
Title of the ProgrammeCultural Heritage and Contemporary Art - programme area no. 17
Title of the ProjectARTSCAPE NORWAY - overlapping aspects of art in public space and landscape in Norway as an inspiration for the Czech Republic
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Number of the ProjectČíslo projektu
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Objective of the Project

The project "Artscape Norway - overlapping aspects of art in public space and landscape in Norway as inspiration for the Czech Republic" (the Project) is an implementation of an exhibition of photos and video art presentations in the premises of the Jaroslav Fragner Gallery (Prague), catalogue preparation and publishing and organizing of a bilateral workshop in Prague.

The project is intended for the general public and professionals - theoreticians and artists active in the field of fine art, architecture, landscaping, students of fine arts, architecture, art and ecology management and representatives of local, regional and national authorities.

The Jaroslav Fragner Gallery, operated by the applicant Architecture o.s. under contract with the Czech Architecture Foundation is the only Czech gallery dedicated to the history and present state of architecture with strong overlaps into art, landscaping and public space. Its exhibition, promotional and expertise is based on long-term cooperation with Czech and foreign institutions (galleries, universities, cultural centers, local, regional and state administration…). Successful cooperation has started with our partners in Norway and for promoting of its further development, the applicant shall also submit this grant application relating to the theme of art realization in the Norwegian landscape
and architecture.

The Kingdom of Norway develops long-term care for its cultural landscape and public space through the promotion and implementation of unique artistic and architectural achievements that improve the quality of life not only of local communities but also foreign visitors to Norway. E.g. Norwegian tourist routes (NTO) is a project that has become a phenomenon in contemporary architecture, visual arts and in access to modern and sustainable approach to cultural landscapes and services offered. This presents site specific installations created for a specific place that work with specific genius loci. It also includes small architecture, which make the Norwegian landscape available and
have a considerable aesthetic function in harmony with natural quality of the site. NTO has become a multiplier of local activities, cultural services and overall cultural, ecological and social sustainability. They thus represent a unique creative line: "New relationships - new situation - a new context - a new story."

The project consists of three interrelated activities:

1) Exhibition - performance art
aspect of art and architecture incorporated into Norwegian landscape and public spacethrough photography and video art that will be installed in the premises of the gallery and subsequently at the time of sustainability reinstalled at various locations in the Czech Republic,

2) exhibition catalogue (200 pages) containing photographic documentation and technical texts, and

3) bilateral workshop on the subject with experts and artists from Norway and the Czech Republic.

For all three parts there will be created a new photo and video documentation based on a trip to Norway, which will be subsequently adjusted for the needs of the exhibition and image processing for the catalogue, presentation at the workshop and promotion.

The exhibition will be open to the general public and the results of the workshop will then be publicly available through publication and presentation activities of the gallery.

The catalogue will be available free of charge. Photographic documentation, video art presentation of the exhibition and catalogue processing will be under the curatorial leadership of Dan Merta (Jaroslav Fragner Gallery, Prague) with the participation of Jiri Havran (Norway / CZ), Jarie Waehler (Norway), Andrea Thiel Lhotáková (AVU Praha). The workshop professional guarantees are Jan Stolín (TU Liberec), Kurt Gebauer (University of Applied Arts in Prague), Tereza Nekvindová (AVU Praha), Dan Merta (GJF, Praha), Sixten Rahlff (BAS, Bergen) and Henrik de Minassian (Rallery ROM, Oslo).

The workshop will be attended by sculptors: Inghild Karlsen (Norway) and Dagmar Šubrtová, Lenka Klodová and Roman Ondák (CR, SR).

The project presenting unique Norwegian approach to cultural landscape and art should serve as an example of good practice, which is in its principles also transferable to a bulking Czech and Moravian landscape and public space. Therefore during the sustainability period, the exhibition will be presented at several locations in the Czech Republic and also in the Slovak Republic.


Approved grant

2 371 000 CZK

Project DurationStart date: 1st April 2015, End date: 15th April 2016