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Vysocina Region Biodiversity

Department 58 – International Relations
Department 58 – International Relations


Updated 2-2-2015
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RegionVysočina Region
Title of the ProgrammeBiodiversity and Ecosystem Services & Environmental Monitoring and Integrated Planning Control & Adaptation to Climate Change
Title of the ProjectVysocina Region Biodiversity
Project Website

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Project Promoter

Czech Society for Ornithology – Vysočina Region

Name of Local Partner(s)

Czech Union for Nature Conservation Kněžice
University of South Bohemia in České Budějovice
Vysočina Museum in Jihlava

Objective of the Project

The Vysočina Natural Diversity Project is focused on implementing national strategies of nature and biodiversity protection in close cooperation with the local and regional institutes, general public and nonprofit sector. The objective is to fill the current gaps in knowledge that lacks for competent decision-making concerning the biodiversity protection in the Vysočina Region. The project will include collection of data of biodiversity and will result in expert documents required for decision-making and systematic approach to biodiversity protection. Occurrence and spread of selected groups of organisms within the Vysočina Region will be processed with focus on protected and endangered species. Significant biodiversity locations will be evaluated within the Vysočina Region. The data obtained and studies generated will contribute to the current understanding of condition of selected groups of organisms and will make protection of the region’s natural assets more efficient. In cooperation with several institutes and a number of experts, there will be expert studies generated within the project for 18 selected groups of organisms. Various groups of organisms will be processed to various degree of detail based on the current understanding and opportunities of the individual specialists involved in the project. The studies will focus on the following topics: a) commented list of taxons of the given group of organisms identified in the Vysočina Region, b) commented regional red list of taxons of the given group of organisms identified in the Vysočina Region, c) current occurrence or spread of selected protected, endangered and regionally significant taxons of the given group of organisms in the Vysočina Region, d) historical occurrence or spread of selected protected, endangered and regionally significant taxons of the given group of organisms in the Vysočina Region, e) overview of the most important locations of the given group of organisms in the Vysočina Region. In order to supplement the details for the above-mentioned studies, field surveys will be conducted and the published and so far not published data and collection documents will be processed. Significant locations identified, which are not protected yet or otherwise registered by the nature protection authorities, will be proposed to be added to the list of the “registered locations of nature protection” that is operated in the Vysočina Region and used mainly by the nature protection bodies for their functions. In case of identifying the most significant locations not protected so far, the project outcome will also include proposals for new small-scale specially protected territories to be declared. An integral part of the project will be publicity that includes two specialist seminars, release of specialized popular publications and popularization brochures or folders, press releases and project websites where the outcomes received will be published, as well.

The projects outcomes are clear:
• For the nature protection bodies with decision-making authority and responsibility in diversity protection of the subject region, as a specialist document for their decision-making and planning process.
• For both professional and amateur scientists studying the subject groups of organisms, as summarizing and updated data for their research and for the possibility to develop the subject fields.
• For both professional and amateur environmentalists to enable a more systematic approach to protection of biodiversity and its individual components.
• For science teaching personnel in the Vysočina Region to have the current details of condition and understanding of the subject groups of organisms available and to have a chance to pass relevant information related to their region in their classes.
• For general public interested in nature to enhance the public awareness of wealth of diversity that is the all-society value and significant heritage that often remains underestimated. Comprehensive processing of at least selected groups of organisms will allow us to evaluate changes in the region biodiversity in the related activities in the future, and thus efficiency of the protective measures.


Approved grant

Approximately 410 203 EUR

Project DurationStart date: 1st December 2014, End date: 30th April 2016