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Frameworks and possibilities of forest adaptation measures and strategies connected with Climate change

Department 58 – International Relations
Department 58 – International Relations


Updated 20-2-2015
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RegionNational coverage
Title of the ProgrammeBiodiversity and Ecosystem Services & Environmental Monitoring and Integrated Planning Control & Adaptation to Climate Change
Title of the ProjectFrameworks and possibilities of forest adaptation measures and strategies connected with Climate change
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Mendel University in Brno

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Czech University of Life Sciences Prague
IFER - Institute of Forest Ecosystem Research, Ltd.

Objective of the Project

The main objective of this project is to contribute significantly to the draft of forestry adaptation measures and strategies related to climate change, or create conceptual, strategic and framework materials that could be used to control the implementation of forestry adaptation measures on all levels, as well as create a more detailed framework for the three pilot natural forest areas (regional level) and on local level, in several studies to look for or verify the procedures of collection of the data necessary for the preparation of specific adaptation measures and evaluate the current impacts of the ongoing environmental change. Management alternatives or changes will be explored in the following areas or aspects: (i) changes in species composition; (ii) the use of natural regeneration, both generative and vegetative; (iii) changes in felling rotation, regeneration period; (iv) the use of alternatives of forest management methods (where relevant); (v) supporting the structural richness of the forest; (vi) changes in forest education (e.g. frequency of interference, selection criteria, etc.); (vii) the breeding of new resistant genotypes or hybrids, supporting local resistant phenotypes; (viii) intense fire, more precision in fire protection systems. For these reasons, the project is proposed by a large production team covering the entire spectrum of disciplines from forest typology, forest ecology, foundation, breeding and cultivation of crops, through protection up to logging, forest management and economy. The research team includes experts from both Czech public universities, which have a Faculty of Forestry, i.e. the Mendel University in Brno (except the Faculty of Forestry, the team also includes climatologists from the Faculty of Agriculture) and Czech Agricultural University (ČZU) in Prague (Faculty of Forestry), experts from the private research institute - IFER, Institute of Forest Ecosystem Research, Ltd. and the State Research Institute of the Norwegian Forest and Landscape Institute, As, Norway. Specific activities planned under the project and their outputs are divided into five groups: 1) Drafting the guidelines of forestry adaptation measures at national level - in particular the preparation of the catalogue of general framework for forest adaptation measures, i.e. defining the basic risks in forest management related to climate change nation-wide, definition of possible alternative forest management goals and assigning them a basic framework of possible adaptation measures, or changes to the existing management practices and their alternatives and determining their advantages and disadvantages (in relation to adaptive capacity and in relation to operational factors, including financial aspects); 2) Preparation of regional adaptation strategies on the level of natural forest areas - especially preparation of framework management directives for the PLO 30 Drahan Highlands, PLO 40 Beskids Mountains and PLO 13 Šumava Forest reflecting the management alternatives designed to support adaptive capacity, protection of biodiversity; 3) Local impact studies - locally focused studies within each of the above PLOs, these studies will be used as documentation for the implementation of specific adaptation measures, and for verification of the accuracy of activity 1 and 2 outputs; 4) Preparation of the principles of adaptation management in southeast Norway (in cooperation with the Norwegian partner); 5) Draft of operational methods of remote sensing (RS) to support the adaptation management. The outputs of the project will be fully applicable to the preparation of plans, strategies and methodological approaches needed by state and public forest management authorities, nature conservation, landscape and environmental bodies. Project outputs can be used directly for the preparation of regional and local adaptation strategies and specific adaptation measures. Project results will bring not only answers to practical issues, but also to scientific problems associated with the response of trees to environmental changes, the complex effects of stressors on tree species and on forest ecosystems.


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Approximately 450 263 EUR

Project DurationStart date: 1st January 2015, End date: 30th April 2016