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Department 58 – International Relations
Department 58 – International Relations


Updated 7-8-2015
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The overall objective of the EEA/Norway Grants 2009 – 2014 is to contribute to decreasing economic and social differences in the European Economic Area and to strengthening bilateral cooperation between donors and beneficiary states through financial contributions in specified priority sectors.

The Fund for bilateral relations at national level (hereinafter referred to as “Fund”) was established to strengthen bilateral relations between Donor states and the Czech Republic. The Fund is not intended for financing projects, but it serves as a financial support of broad initiatives and informative activities and also for complementary, preparatory and supportive initiatives and documents with aim to create or strengthen the base for future cooperation.

The Ministry of Finance – National Focal Point has been entrusted with the implementation of the Fund.

The cooperation financed by this Fund should provide a platform for increasing mutual political, cultural, professional and academic relations in the broad sense in compliance with national strategy of bilateral relations and with accordance of aims of Donor states.

The funds will be provided to Final Beneficiaries ex post in CZK (for foreign entities in EUR) based on the approved Request for funding from the Fund and Request for payment, submitted in one of the two Open Calls. Calls will be announced by the National Focal Point as permanently open for following periods:

  • 1st Open Call: 21.1.2013 – 31.12.2014,indikative allocation: EUR 150 000 (CZK 3 720 000)
  •      2nd Open Call: 16.10.2014 – 31.12. 2016 indicative allocation: EUR 100 000 (CZK 2 120 000)
  •      3rd Open Call: 1. 1. 2015 – 31.12.2016 indicative allocation: EUR 150 000 (CZK 3 975 000)

The second and the third Open call may possibly be increased by unused funds from previous Call and if necessary it may be extended until depleting all funds, but not later than 30 April 2017.

For more information please see
Fund for Bilateral Relations at National Level