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News of the programme Health.



Thanks to bilateral initiatives, Czech organizations have established or deepened relations with Norwegian and Icelandic partners

Organization of seminars for the professional public, creation of joint analysis, improvement of mutual understanding, and often also agreements on ongoing cooperation and joint projects. These are the results of the so-called bilateral initiatives of the Health Programme supported by the EEA and Norway Grants. Their participants focused on sharing experiences, for example in the field of eating disorders, the involvement of peer consultants in care in acute psychiatric wards, or the availability of follow-up care for people with aphasia.


Call Annexes and Guideline for applicants’ update

The Programme operator announces that the Guideline for applicants’ (Annex 2 of the Call) and Target groups Annex no. 6 of the Guideline within the Call Mental health of children and adolescents was updated on 24 July 2020.


The National Institute of Public Health aims at spreading awareness about the correct use of antibiotics with its new project supported by EEA and Norway Grants.

Antibiotics prescribed for the treatment of viral diseases, e. g. flu, excessive use of broad-spectrum antibiotics or insistence from the patient’s side to prescribe these drugs. This all leads to so-called antibiotic resistance, which causes over thirty thousand deaths in Europe each year, to grow. The project of the National Institute of Public Health supported by EEA and Norway Grants focused on patients’ and doctors’ education should help prevent the issue in the Czech Republic


Opening of the Programme Health on 19 September 2019

A ceremonial opening of the Programme Health was held in the Valkoprevorsky Palace in Prague on 19 September 2019. More than 100 representatives of healthcare providers, state institutions and non-profit patient organisations took part in the launch conference. The programme will support prevention of mental illness in children, prevention of non-communicable and communicable diseases and patient empowerment and strengthening the role of patient organizations.



Comic stories describe the daily lives of people with mental illness

The effects of mental illness on man’s life and his surroundings are shown in comics, which were prepared by the representatives of FOKUS České Budějovice in partnership with FOKUS Tábor in previous period of EEA and Norway Grants. To increase their knowledge of the topic, they elaborated real stories of their clients.