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Call for Proposals no. Call-3A „Ålesund“

Department 58 – International Relations
Department 58 – International Relations


What are the supported areas under this Call?
The Ålesund call provides support for measures to provide appropriate infrastructure and analytical methods for identifying pollutants in the aquatic environment. In particular, the acquisition of instruments for the analysis of micropollutants, including the necessary related laboratory equipment, as well as the introduction and optimization of analytical methods for determining the concentrations of micropollutants and their metabolites.

What can be paid out of the Call?
In particular, the strengthening of infrastructure (acquisition of instrumentation with accessories and, within the validation of methods on such instrumentation and relevant analytical standards) for surface water monitoring under Directive 2000/60 / EC establishing a framework for Community action in the field of water policy is supported.

The infrastructure will be designed for sample analysis after the introduction and optimization of analytical methods into routine practice for determining concentrations of polar micropollutants in surface water to monitor priority and specific pollutants discharged to surface water bodies, primarily focusing on drugs and their metabolites and other candidate priority substances. , or priority substances listed in the text of the call in Table 1, the source of which are wastewater treatment plants.

Until when can applications be submitted?
The deadline for submitting applications is September 30, 2022 (12:00 p.m.).

What is the minimum and maximum grant?
The amount of support that can be awarded for a project is at least EUR 200,000 (5,200,000 CZK) and a maximum of EUR 750,000 (19,500,000 CZK).

What is the support rate? 

Eligible project expenditures may be reimbursed at the rate of 90 % of the Programme resources, subject to the other conditions of the Call.

Who can apply for support?
All entities and organizations, public or private, commercial or non-commercial, and non-governmental non-profit organizations established as legal entities in the Czech Republic (all Czech legal entities) may apply for support.

Natural persons are not eligible applicants.

For more information please find the website of Programme Operator here.