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EXTENDED: Art and Cultural Criticism – Open Call for Proposals of Projects (until 15. 4. 2020)

Department 58 – International Relations
Department 58 – International Relations


Updated 1-4-2020
  • Information update (Seminar for applicants)
  • Information update
  • Information update (A Guide for entering and registration in the IS CEDR)
  • Annex added (Grant Application Form - EN)
  • Open Call extended (untill 2.4.2020)
  • Open Call extended (untill 15.4.2020)

The Ministry of Finance in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic, Arts Council Norway and the Icelandic Centre for Research announces on 26. 11. 2019 Open Call for proposals of projects focusing on art and cultural criticism.

The call is open to all projects supporting professional development of art critics / seeking exchange of experience and cooperation among critics themselves, artists and audiences, as well as an interdisciplinary cooperation at national and international level.

Allocation: 12 850 000 Kč / EUR 3 000 000

Deadline for submission of applications: 15. 4. 2020 (12:00 p.m.). The deadline was extended due to adverse development of the epidemiological situation in Europe.

Applications can be submitted only electronically in the information system CEDR.

All important information about the open call, eligibility of applicants, partners and activities and evaluation of applications are included in the text of the open call.

For preparation of applications, the applicants shall use the Guideline for Applicants with its annexes including a Checklist for pre-check of project intention eligibility and readiness for submission of the application.

The text of the open call and the Guideline for Applicants are available for download bellow. The text of the Guideline for Applicants was updated in order to elaborate the most questioned parts and specify the process of filing information in the IS CEDR. Changes are visible in the uploaded documents in the end of this webpage.

Frequently asked questions and answers are available for download.

Seminar for Applicants

The seminar for applicants in the support area Contemporary Art, Art and Cultural Criticism, Capacity Building of Umbrella Associations, Networks and Platforms was held in Prague (Ministry of Culture, Maltézské nám. 1 - Konírna) on 16. 1. 2020 in Czech language. The seminar introduced the open call and conditions for submission of applications. A recording from the seminar is available via the link above.


Applications shall be submitted only electronically in information system CEDR.

Entering the IS CEDR is possible via banner CEDR at the homepage or at

A Guide for entering and registration in the IS CEDR is available for download (available in Czech). It is also possible to look at a video-guide that shall help with filling the information in the application in the IS CEDR.


Questions regarding the content of the application and queries for project intent consultations can be directed by e-mail to Eva Žáková ( or to Jana Návratová ( from Arts and Theatre Institute – expert programme partner.

Technical questions (e.g. eligibility of expenditures, co-financing, indicators, etc.) can be directed by email at managed by the Ministry of Finance – the programme operator.