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So sillent till...

Department 58 – International Relations
Department 58 – International Relations


Region Prague
Title of the ProgrammeCulture
Title of the ProjectSo sillent till...
Number of the ProjectKU-CA1-025
Project Promoter

Spitfire Company

Project Partner from Donor State

Yngvild Aspeli (NO)

Czech Partner

Orchestra BERG


Project duration (phase of the project): 5/2021-4/2023

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Target group: General public, Artists

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Total Eligible Costs

188 299 EUR


145,089 EUR (77%)

Project description:

The multi-genre theatrical project “So silent till…” focusing on contemporary opera will be composed for two voices and a small orchestra and is about a woman and a girl who create alternative worlds full of imagination to resist unpleasant memories of mental and physical abuse. It is a multi-genre project - opera with an emphasis on dance, theater of objects and visual theater.

Important art groups and theater institutions participate in the project. Spitifre Company, one of the most progressive groups on the domestic independent scene. Berg Orchestra, which perform contemporary music in its genre diversity. The renowned Norwegian artist Yngvild Aspeli (Art Director of Plexus Polaire) will supervise and collaborate on the production of puppets and objects that make up an important part of the performance. It is therefore a bilateral cooperation project. Part of the project is the process of the whole production and creation of the new performance, which includes a weekly workshop and the development of objects and puppets with Yngvild Aspeli. The premiere and 11 reprises will be presented at the Komedie Theater, which belongs to the Prague City Theaters organization. As part of cooperation with Yngvild Aspeli, her performance Chambre Noire will also be held in Prague for the first time, as part of the international Zero Point Festival.