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Institute of Independent Journalism (The „guard dog“)

Department 58 – International Relations
Department 58 – International Relations


Key MessageSchool magazines in Czech high schools
Organization NameInstitute of Independent Journalism (The „guard dog“)
Area of Activities

Institute of Independent Journalism is a czech registered non-profit organisation. Hlídací pes (The „guard dog“) is the first project of the Institute of Independent Journalism. The authors are convinced, that investigative journalism is strongly related to the personal, economic and political freedom.
Area of CooperationVzdělání, Občanská společnost, Vnitřní věci
Project Idea would like to lead a project on the creation of school magazines at several Czech high schools as a natural way of understanding the role of media and media education. High school students will create school magazines in close cooperation with experts from The „guard dog“. They will also train and educate young Czech journalists who write critically about propaganda, disinformation, media prejudices and the spread of hoaxes.

Country of OriginČeská republika
Looking for a Partner fromIceland, Liechtenstein, Norway