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Studio Pro Divadlo s.r.o.

Department 58 – International Relations
Department 58 – International Relations


Key MessageTheatre against domestic violence
Organization NameStudio Pro Divadlo s.r.o.
Area of Activities

We are a professional theatrical company producing theatrical shows mainly for kids and teenage audience. Our partner in this project - The National Association of Intervention Centres - is a professional organization dedicated to provide a complete support to victims of domestic violence. Together we are here to change what (mainly young) people know about domestic violent, which we believe can help in eliminating it.
Area of CooperationKultura
Project Idea

Let's stop domestic violence by revealing it's secrets on the stage. Domestic violence can affect every one of us. However, when it happens, it usually happens behind closed doors, isolated from the eyes of others. It is no surprise then, that most of the people now nothing about it's patterns and in case they find themselves in a similar situation, they have no idea how to deal with it. Moreover they do not know that what is happening to them, is incipient domestic violence, which - in the vast majority of cases - will escalate. And the way out will be harder and harder. The main goal of the project is to introduce young people in particular to the issue of domestic violence so that they are able to recognize it at an early stage and find the way out as soon as possible. We plan to introduce this issue to the audience in the form of a specially composed theatrical performance, where we will reveal the typical situations and attributes of domestic violence through one particular story. The story of young Agnes - a typical victim of domestic violence. On the stage we will reveal how she experiences the typical phases of the typical domestic violance story - crazy love and fascination, isolation, disclosure of the partner’s difficult past or traumas from the childhood, first fear and “excusable” attacks and finally failing in the “unbreakable” chain of domestic violance. Her partner - the initially irresistibly attractive Sebastian becomes an abuser right in front of our audience. The older actress will comment our story and specific phases and patterns with a wisdom of age but most importantly with a personal experience of a very similar story of domestic violance. Together they will a way out - through the “gift of speach”, through the professional help, but most importantly through recognizing domestic violence and it’s patterns and realization that it’s happening to me. In case of performing for the schools, there will be a moderated discussion with experts after the play. In the discussion we will try to explain the patterns of domestic violance even more and answer all the question the audience will have. The target group of our project is mainly young audience (secondary schools, high schools). At the same time, however, the project should address the general public and help open a debate on domestic violance. Debate that should, among other things, disprove the myths such as “It’s her fault!” or “ Why is she staying if he beats her? Why doesn’t she just leave?” We believe that recognition a change in perception of these issues can be the key to a societal change in the way we think about domestic violence and how we are able to deal with it. Why we decided to do this through the theatre? In the form of a play? It’s rather simple - theatre can - unlike other media - trully confront the audience with a direct, authentic emotions. They can really “be” there and “live” the story with the protagonists on stage. They can feel them, they are real, here and now. And the audience is “part” of the story. This also helps in the subsequent discussion that will take place after the play to be more open and commited. And finally - what partner we are looking for? We would like to find a professional composer who will complement our project with scenic music. Music is an inherent and very important part of the show which defines it in many ways. Mainly it co-creates the emotional levels of perceiving it, therefore it’s very important for us that our partner have similar beliefs about domestic violence to ours and is willing to engage himself in the project with a faith that it can make a difference.

Country of OriginČeská republika
Looking for a Partner fromNorway, Iceland Liechtenstein

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