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AZ resort s.r.o.

Department 58 – International Relations
Department 58 – International Relations


Key MessageInternational Workshops and Gatherings
Organization NameAZ resort s.r.o.
Area of Activities

We are 2 czech young families with 3 children each family, owning and managing accomodation in a wooden lodge in a building, that is listed as a Czech cultural heritage. The lodge is located in Volary in Sumava mountains,15 km from the German border, in the former Sudetenland and accomodates 50 people. This building from 18th century is a cultural heritage of the German minority in the Czech Republic. It has a unique architecture,that was brought to the Czech Republic from Tirolia in the 16th century. Unfortunately after the WW II due to Benes decrees, the German population had to vacate the border regions, which led to diappearence of villages, traditions and cultural heritage of German minority in the Czech Republic. There are only few buildings of this alpine style left in Volary and our goal is to enable the large public to see and stay in this beautiful historical building, to educate them about the complicated history of this region, remind them of the lost villages and traditions and preserve this cultural heritage to future generations. We would like to organize in colaboration with the EEA partner international gatherings and workshops for students.
Area of CooperationObčanská společnost, Sociální dialog, Životní prostředí
Project Idea

The collaboration on this project includes these areas 1. Reconstruction of the building - the building needs new shingle roof as the current one got damaged by heavy snow fall last winter. It is crucial to preservation of this cultural heritage 2. Renaming all the rooms after lost villages in Sumava mountains and creating a book for every room with information about that particular village, people who lived there, traditions etc. 3. Organizing in this wooden lodge workshops and educational seminars for EEA children and students about Sumava Mountains, lost villages, traditions and craft, reminding them about the history of Central Europe and the devastating impact of the war and post war period to its inhabitants. This building accomodates 50 people and has 2 common rooms for seminars and gatherings.

Country of OriginČeská republika
Looking for a Partner fromIceland, Liechtenstein, Norway

Short video about the lodge from Mom of the Year 2018, where Katerina won the 3rd place in Mom Enterpreneur category.