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Hašle z.s.

Department 58 – International Relations
Department 58 – International Relations


Key MessageCooperation and Partnership
Organization NameHašle z.s.
Area of Activities

We are a non profit organization that helps families with children affected by cerebral palsy. We currently help 12 children at the age of 6 to 12. Our main goal is to make their life better with the use of financial help from the government and our sponsors. We've been helping for 6 years.
Area of CooperationZdraví, Občanská společnost
Project Idea

We've been helping children with cerebral palsy for 6 years and at this point, we are trying to start up some financially more diffucult projects, like robotic hand for the rehabilitation of upper limbs. We want to establish a partnership with a foreign organization, because we see that there is a possibility for us to be seen internationally and it may improve our PR greatly. Secondly, but not less significantly, we want to exchange know-how or any other observations between the organizations.

Country of OriginČeská republika
Looking for a Partner fromIceland, Liechtenstein, Norway

Our first financially demanding project is purchase of a robotic hand for rehabilitation of upper limbs, connected with building and managing a rehabilitation center. The technology itself is very costly - up to 58.000 €. It is unaviable locally, as well as the rehabilitation center. Our clients need to take rides to other cities in the Czech Republic, that might take up to several hours. These trips need to be taken up to several times a week.