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Transplant Immunology Decision Support System

Department 58 – International Relations
Department 58 – International Relations


Region Prague
Title of the ProgrammeResearch
Title of the ProjectTransplant Immunology Decision Support System
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Number of the ProjectTO01000057
Project Promoter


Project Partner from Donor State

Oslo University Hospital HF

Czech Partner



Estimated project duration: 1 / 2021 - 12 / 2022

Total Eligible Costs

1 668 374 EUR


1 249 846 EUR

Project description:

Transplant Immunology (TI) is a medical science dealing with transplantation processes of stem cells, tissues and solid organs. It includes a wide range of activities. Their efficiency depends on the ability to make immediate and correct decisions based on comprehensive data.

The goal is to develop the TRansplant IMMunology decision support System (Trimmus) that includes a complete workflows and enables OUS to upgrade from existing LIMS (laboratory information management system), paper solutions and manual procedures by delivering a unique software tool to improve safety of patients, ensure the best possible care, meet accreditation requirements, improve information flow, increase information security, speed up workflows and improve decision making.