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Motivation For Education From Kindergarten To High School - Support For Children and Parents

Department 58 – International Relations
Department 58 – International Relations


Updated 2-5-2022
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Region South Bohemian Region
Title of the ProgrammeHuman Rights
Title of the ProjectMotivation For Education From Kindergarten To High School - Support For Children and Parents
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Number of the ProjectLP-HROVA2-020
Project Promoter

Cheiron T

Project Partner from Donor State


Czech Partner

Elementary school and pre-elementary school Tábor, 45 Mikulase z Husi Square


Project duration (phase of the project): 15. 1. 2022–31. 1. 2024

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Target group:

Children and youth (0-17 years)
Roma population
People at risk of poverty/living in poverty


Total Eligible Costs

110 071 €


110 071 € (100 %)


The project aims to address the failure of Roma children in the Czech education system, in the town of Tábor and its surrounding.

The failure of these children is a consequence of the lack of capacity and cooperation of institutions in the education system, the unpreparedness of the educational environment and its financing, and, of course, the socio-cultural conditions and low competence of families, their attitudes towards education, and the lack of developmental stimuli for the child in out-of-school time.

The project achieves its goal through complementary activities aimed at parents, children and professionals involved in the educational process. These include, for example, increasing parents' motivation towards awareness of the importance of all levels of education, support in the form of consultation and mediation of communication with school facilities, child-centred activities consisting in supporting school activities outside the school premises, offering leisure activities that enable children to develop skills that increase their chances of success in the educational process, etc.   

A cross-cutting tool of the project is organizing regular multidisciplinary meetings of institutions focused on child education (schools, NGOs, social services, etc.) and their further training.