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Centre of Roma and Sinti in Prague

Department 58 – International Relations
Department 58 – International Relations


Updated 3-5-2022
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Region Prague
Title of the ProgrammeHuman Rights
Title of the ProjectCentre of Roma and Sinti in Prague
Number of the ProjectLP-PDP2-001
Project Promoter

Museum of Romani Culture

Project Partner from Donor State

The European Wergeland Centre, Norway


Estimated project duration: 1.1.2020 - 31.1.2024

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Target group: Public, students, Roma people, public

Web pages: (in czech only)


1 750 000 EUR

Project description:

The project responds to the inconvenient situation when there is no culture and educational centre focused on Roma and Sinti history and culture in the Czech capital, Prague. Therefore, the Roma community misses an institution established for nurturing and maintaining their culture and a place that would strengthen their identity and inclusion into the Czech society through various culture and educational programmes. Unsatisfactory situation is also evident in Czech educational system at all levels as Roma culture and history is hardly presented. In this context the government’s Roma Integration Strategy till 2020 encourages to support Roma as distinctive national minority and to promote Roma language and culture.

Thus, the aim of the project is to establish completely new Centre of Roma and Sinti (CRS) in Prague, as a local branch of the Museum of Romani Culture operating in Brno. The project will supplement Prague’s structure of museums and culture institutions with another professional place focused on Roma history, cultural goods and objects, and intangible heritage associated with Roma minority and past and current situation of Roma ethnic group in general society.

Within the first part of the project implementation period the newly acquired building of the CRS in Prague shall be reconstructed, extended and completely furnished with interior equipment. In the second part of the project educational programmes thematically focused on Roma culture and history shall be implemented (special attention will be devoted to Roma holocaust in Czech as well as European history). The educational activities shall be developed in collaboration with the Norwegian project partner - the European Wergeland Centre.

The soft measures activities will further include events for various professionals and general public promoting understanding of minorities’ specifics and their inclusion into the society. Moreover, a contemporary exhibition on Roma contemporary culture shall be opened in the CRS and permanent exhibition on Roma history and culture shall be opened in Prague (within a suitable cooperating museum selected during the project implementation).