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Monitoring and measurements to improve air quality in the city of Brno

Department 58 – International Relations
Department 58 – International Relations


Region South Moravian Region
Title of the ProgrammeEnvironment
Title of the ProjectMonitoring and measurements to improve air quality in the city of Brno
Number of the Project3202100007
Project Promoter

Masaryk University

Project Partner from Donor State

Oslo, Agency of Urban Environment, Division Environment, Department Nature and Pollution

Czech Partner

Statutory city of Brno


Estimated project duration: 11/2021–4/2024

Objective of the Project

More precise air quality measurements in Brno

Brno, as the second-largest city in the Czech Republic, faces relatively high concentrations of pollutants in the air, especially in the winter. The main goal of the project is a detailed mapping of the air pollution in Brno municipality including the identification of the most important pollutants and the determination of their sources while using the mobile monitoring. The combination with the stationary monitoring is ensured. Project phasing will lead to a detailed definition of measuring points, including both stationary and mobile monitoring and will introduce the Action Plan that will be implemented by the municipality of Brno.

Total Eligible Costs

636,717.7 EUR


636,717.7 EUR (100 %)