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Support for Bilateral Cooperation

Dept 58 - International Relations
Dept 58 - International Relations


Updated 15-5-2019
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The EEA and Norway Grants support strengthening of bilateral relations between the Czech Republic and donor states. Thanks to its focus, the programme Culture is well suited for involvement of experts, artists and cultural operators from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway in planned projects.

In the area of immovable cultural heritage, international experience may be shared and applied, focusing mainly on suitable procedures aimed at the restoration of relevant cultural sites, their accessibility and use. In the area of movable cultural heritage, the programme enhance cooperation between cultural institutions ensuring the adequate use of collections, international loans for exhibition purposes and experience sharing in the area of management and audience-building and outreach activities. The strong potential for bilateral cooperation it is also developed in the area of restoration and conservation activities with a high share of skilled labour.

Based on experience from the previous programme period, bilateral cooperation in the area of movable and immovable cultural heritage will be optional, but compulsory in activities supporting exchange of information (such as workshops, seminars, conferences).

In the area of contemporary arts, bilateral cooperation shall primarily entail co-production, mobility of artists, residencies for professionals, exchange of information and know-how.

The bilateral cooperation in projects is optional. However, it will be favoured in the evaluation process. The programme strategy for supporting bilateral cooperation involves several activities facilitating the partner search and meetings with potential partners in order to discuss future cooperation in projects.       

All eligible applicants under the main open calls are eligible applicants in the open calls for individual bilateral meetings for arranging partnership (limited allocation). The Open Call will be open before every main Open Calls of the Culture Programme during the years 2019 - 2021.

The database facilitates first contacts between potential partners from donor states and the Czech Republic. It gathers the operators who are interested in bilateral cooperation in projects supported by the EEA and Norway Grants. It is possible to upload own profile and join the database.

  • Consultations of Potential Partners

In case you seek recommendation for a potential project partner from Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway or Czech Republic, you can follow up with the contacts on programme representatives or donor programme partners bellow:

Contact Points
Czech republic

Suzana Jovaševićová


The Icelandic Centre for Research (Rannis)
Ms Ragnhildur Zoega


Cultural Heritage

The Norwegian Directorate for Cultural Heritage
via filled form: Norwegian partners - search form - cultural heritage (.DOCX, 34 kB)sent to

Contemrporary Art                   

The Arts Council Norway
via filled form: Norwegian partners - search form - contemporary art (.DOCX, 48 kB)sent to                   

The Royal Norwegian Embassy in Prague
Ms Helena Ganická
Liechtenstein EEA Grants Coordinator in the Area of Culture
Mr Arno Oehri
via filled form Liechtenstein partners - search form (.DOCX, 79 kB)sent to                  

While first contacting a potential partner, it is recommended to:

  • Contact similar or complementary organization
  • Have clear expectations from the partnership
  • Balance project idea in terms of details and possibility of the partner to influence your idea
  • Have a good description of own activities and the area of expertise
  • Avoid sending seemingly generic partnership requests

For arranging good partnership and cooperation in project, it is important to:

  • Share the same goal and vision
  • Share understanding of the content and strategy of the project
  • Agree on concrete involvement of partner in project activities
  • Agree on partner´s budget including financial flows
  • Have long-term perspective
  • Establish personal contact (ideally meeting in person)

Before submission of the project application or as soon as possible after the start of the project, it is recommended to schedule a partner meeting. As part of the project application it will be necessary to submit Declaration of Partnership (a template will be part of the Guidelines for Applicants). In case of approved project, the successful applicant will be asked to submit Partnership Agreement (draft text and tips will be part of the Guidelines for Applicants).