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Revitalization of Movable and Immovable Cultural Heritage – Open Call for Proposals of Projects (extended until 30.4. 2020)

Department 58 – International Relations
Department 58 – International Relations


Updated 21-1-2021
  • Information update (Seminar for applicants)
  • Information update
  • Information update
  • Informatio update (A Guide for entering and registration in the IS CEDR)
  • Opec Call extended until 30.4. 2020
  • State aid

The Ministry of Finance in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic, Norwegian Directorate for Cultural Heritage and the Icelandic Centre for Research announces on 10. 12. 2019 Open Call for proposals of projects focusing on revitalization of Czech cultural heritage.

The call is open to all who are planning a restoration of a registered cultural monument and its revitalization. The programme aims is to support projects combining the preservation and restoration with modern and innovative use. The use shall be sustainable in the long term and it shall contribute to regional development and life of the local communities. We are looking for unique projects with vision about the future purpose of the restored monument. Projects based on a network of owners, administrators, managers, local communities, private sector and local and regional governments allowing the restored monument to function after the end of the project.

Projects can also benefit from expert assistance and inspiration from donor states thanks to the partnership cooperation. Educational activities, not only in restoration or preservation but also in cultural heritage management and cultural entrepreneurship will be strongly supported.

Necessary prerequisite for submission of the application is its preparation (including project documentation and a valid building permit) until 30. 4. 2020. The start of supported projects is expected in autumn 2020 with their implementation until 30. 4. 2024.

Allocation: 482 252 918 Kč / EUR 18 764 705

Deadline for submission of applications: 30. 4. 2020 (12:00 p.m.). The deadline was extended due to adverse development of the epidemiological situation in Europe.

Applications shall submitted only electronically in the information system CEDR.

All important information about the open call, eligibility of applicants, partners and activities and evaluation of applications are included in the text of the open call.

For preparation of applications, the applicants shall use the Guideline for Applicants with its annexes including a Checklist for pre-check of project intention eligibility and readiness for submission of the application.

The text of the open call and the Guideline for Applicants are available for download bellow. The text of the open call and the Guideline for Applicants were updated in order to elaborate the most questioned parts and specify the process of filing information in the IS CEDR. The update of the open call reflects the situation in the area of movable cultural heritage. Changes are visible in the uploaded documents in the end of this webpage.

Frequently asked questions and answers are available for download.

With regards to a high interest a 10% success rate and 6 month long selection process is expected. It is therefore recommended to the applicants to duly evaluate the compliance of their project´s aim with the focus, objectives and selection criteria of the open call.

State Aid Rules Clarification

As indicated in the open call (chapter 12 „Process of Application Appraisal and Project Selection“), the Programme Operator issues clarification of state aid rules under which the aid is granted, i.e. within General Block Exemption Regulation (GBER) or De Minimis Regulation. The aid regime shall be determined by the Programme Operator with regards to the compatibility of the project/beneficiary with the conditions of state aid regimes. The Programme Operator shall verify the compliance of the projects recommended for grant support with respective regime conditions before the aid is granted. Specification of conditions is available for download in the end of this webpage.  

Seminar for Applicants

The seminar for applicants in the support area of cultural herigage was held in Prague (Ministry of Culture, Maltézské nám. 1 - Konírna) on 15. 1. 2020 in Czech language. The seminar introduced the open call and conditions for submission of applications. A recording from the seminar is available via the link above.


Applications shall be submitted only electronically in information system CEDR.

Entering the IS CEDR is possible via banner CEDR at the homepage or at

A Guide for entering and registration in the IS CEDR is available for download (available in Czech). It is also possible to look at a video-guide that shall help with filling the information in the application in the IS CEDR.


Questions regarding the content of the application and queries for project intent consultations can be directed by e-mail at managed by the Ministry of Culture as the expert partner of the programme.

Technical questions (e.g. eligibility of expenditures, co-financing, indicators, etc.) can be directed by email at managed by the Ministry of Finance – the programme operator.