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Results – Contemporary Arts

Department 58 – International Relations
Department 58 – International Relations


We bring final results of open call focused on Contemp. In total, 26 excellent projects from the fields of theater, music, literature, the new circus and fine arts.

The first open call dedicated to the contemporary arts was open in November 2019. By April 2020, 74 applications were submitted while most of them were prepared in cooperation with partners from Norway (42), Iceland (13), both countries (7).

Unfortunately, the final evaluation, given the limited funding allocated to this call, could not satisfy all applicants even though the overall quality of the submitted applications was at a very high and often equivalent level. Therefore, independent experts had a difficult task to select the best of the best projects.

In reaction to the effects of the pandemic on the cultural sector, the allocation of the open call was increased by approx. EUR 1,3 million and 26 projects were supported. They standed out thanks to their clearly focused concept of activities and also met all objectives of the programme.

Subsequent verification of the evaluation process confirmed that the evaluation provided by the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic (Programme partner) was held in a transparent manner in line with the rules of the EEA Grants 2014-2020, the Culture Programme and the open call. Also, the recommended applications meet all conditions for approval. Therefore, the final results are available on this website. The list of supported projects can be downloaded below.

The grant was received by applicants representing most of the artistic disciplines – theatre, contemporary and classical music, visual arts, dance and new circus. Except for one, all approved projects were prepared in cooperation with partners from donor states from Norway (16), Iceland (5) and both countries (4). Overall, 34 foreign cultural and artistic subjects take part in the projects.

All supported projects will be gradually introduced on our website.

Applicants, whose projects were not supported, have a unique opportunity to precise their activities and action plans and submit the application within the second Call that was launched in May 2021 and lasts until August 2021.