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The Rainstick

Department 58 – International Relations
Department 58 – International Relations


Region National coverage
Title of the ProgrammeCulture
Title of the ProjectThe Rainstick
Number of the ProjectKU-CA1-001
Project Promoter

Divadlo Kamen Theatre

Project Partner from Donor State

Dagmar Johansen (NOR)
Halogaland Amateur Theater Company (NOR)
Haugen Produksjoner (NOR)
Consulate of the Czech Republic in Sjovegan, Norway (NOR)

Czech Partner

Jedlička Institute and Schools for physically disabled young people in Prague


Project duration (phase of the project): 03/2021 – 02/2023

More Information

Target group: Children and Youth (0-17), Other minorities, Students (any age)

Web pages:
Facebook "Divadlo Kámen Praha", Instagram "divadlo_kamen", Youtube "divadlokamen", Twitter "Divadlo_Kamen"

Total Eligible Costs

84 637 EUR


76 173 EUR

Project description:

The project includes creating and performing of a new multidisciplinary theatre piece that will raise questions associated with the theme of “home”. Thanks to partnership with a Norwegian art group and involvement of Czech artists from various social and national environments, the project will investigate and compare diverse views of the notion of “home” including its perception in Central Europe (Prague) and the Arctic region of Norway (Tromso).

The project will increase the awareness of significance of the explored notion of “home” in both active and passive participants.

In addition, the project will reflect, by means of multidisciplinary theatre, a work of the most recent Czech literature dealing, in its turn, with the theme of “home”. It will deliver new viewpoints of both this theme and the novel. The project will also provide for sharing of experience between Czech and Norwegian partners in cultural entrepreneurship. The project will primarily address general public and artists, secondarily also certain minorities and young adults.

Within the project:

  • New interdisciplinary theatre piece will be created.
  • 14 public performances will be organized. Out of that Norwegian artists from our partner organization will actively take part in 4 performances (3 in Prague and 1 in Tromso). 13 of 14 performances will be interdisciplinary. At least in 1 of 14 performances, members of the Russian-speaking minority will actively take part.
  • 6 public discussions on the topic of “home” and on the notion of “home” from various perspectives will take place.
  • We will organize 1 workshop (in Tromso) on cultural entrepreneurship intended for exchange of experience between Norwegian and Czech partners.
  • 1 workshop sharing artistic and technical skills for a group of physically handicapped people will be organzed.
  • We will provide for an appropriate publicity for all project events. Finally, we will publish a bilingual brochure about the overall project..