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Regeneration: An Interdisciplinary Project in the Field of Contemporary Art and Artistic Research

Department 58 – International Relations
Department 58 – International Relations


Region National coverage
Title of the ProgrammeCulture
Title of the ProjectRegeneration: An Interdisciplinary Project in the Field of Contemporary Art and Artistic Research
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Number of the ProjectKU-CA2-034
Project Promoter

Artyčok.TV, z.s

Project Partner from Donor State

Icelandic Art Centre (Iceland)
Listaháskóli Íslands (Iceland)
NTNU – Norges teknisk-naturvitenskapelige universitetet (Norway)


Czech Partner



Estimated project duration: 04/2022 – 03/2024

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Target group: students, artists, general public

Total Eligible Costs

215 215 EUR


193 693 EUR (90 %)

Project description:

Regeneration is an interdisciplinary project in the field of artistic research and its presentation that responds to the most pressing social challenges today. At its core is the support of the creation of artworks based on artistic research activities that combine social and environmental themes.

Over the course of the project, a variety of artistic research activities will be realized in the form of residencies, presentations, and workshops in cooperation with partners in donor states, which will cooperate during the conception phase, arrange artistic contacts, and in the final phase will also evaluate the realized research. The project will conclude with a joint presentation of all of its activities at the Iceland University of the Arts in Reykjavík and the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague.

The projects focus on the conservation of natural resources, on the education processes that are essential for the gradual elimination of inequality in society, and on the creation of a matrix to establish better conditions for engaging with voices and perspectives from communities.