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Reconstruction of the fortress Mladějovice

Department 58 – International Relations
Department 58 – International Relations


Updated 26-8-2021
  • Project information updated

Region South Bohemian Region
Title of the ProgrammeCulture
Title of the ProjectReconstruction of the fortress Mladějovice
Number of the ProjectKU-CH1-113
Project Promoter

Civic association for the preservation and conservation of the cultural monument Panský dvůr and the former fortress, Mladějovice

Project Partner from Donor State

Skyhoyt live scene (NOR)

Czech Partner

Elementary Art School, Strakonice, Kochana z Prachové 263
Roman Catholic parish Strakonice
Home for people with disabilities Osek


Project duration (phase of the project): 04/2021-04/2024

More Information

Target group:

Children and youth (0-17)
General public
Other minorities

Web pages: Website is under preparation

Total Eligible Costs

892,914 EUR


803,623 EUR

Project description:

Revitalization of the cultural monument of the Manor house and the former fortress in Mladějovice consists of saving the monument from its irreversible damage due to poor condition. The monument has been neglected for many years and the current state requires an acute repair to preserve it. Object is currently inaccessible to the public.

The key activity is reconstruction of the interior of the cultural monument itself, including technical wiring and facilities to prevent its further damage. The facilities necessary for access to the monument and the implementation of cultural activities will be provided. Another important key activity is the revitalization of the monument and its permanent access to the general public in the form of individual visits, cultural/social events. The output of all activities will be the prevention of the destruction of a monument and the irreversible loss of cultural value, its access, support of cultural development and promotion.

The overall goal is to save the property, its presentation and promotion, use by the public in cultural and other activities. The key will be the construction work itself, the acquisition of facilities and equipment necessary for the implementation of additional activities and the functioning of the monument, its accessibility to the public and support of cultural life in the region.

The project is aimed at the public, young people and the minorities, who will benefit from the project by making the monument accessible, many cultural activities will be organized, and jobs will be created for the disabled.

The project is implemented in partnership, which will bring the added value of organizing joint activities, whether cultural, educational or leisure, and in the help of promotion. A partnership with the Norwegian partner will help to implement, improve, financially manage and maintain the project on the basis of its experience and practice.