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Reconstruction and revitalization of the castle in Lipová

Department 58 – International Relations
Department 58 – International Relations


Region Ústí nad Labem Region
Title of the ProgrammeCulture
Title of the ProjectReconstruction and revitalization of the castle in Lipová
Number of the ProjectKU-CH1-066
Project Promoter


Project Partner from Donor State

International Classical Arts Network (NOR)

Czech Partner

Museum of Romani Culture


Project duration (phase of the project): 4/2021-4/2024

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Roma population
General public

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Total Eligible Costs

1 721 380 EUR


1,500,000 EUR

Project description:

The chateau building is inaccessible to the public today, the statics of the building are disturbed and the roofing is completely missing. The building is thus exposed to climatic influences and continues its degradation, which began with the lack of interest of the owners since the 1980s and completed the fire in 2006.

The salvation of the castle in Lipová near Šluknov, especially its northern wing, lies in its overall construction restoration. This includes static securing of walls, restoration of arches, roofing, interior and exterior plastering including windows and doors and restoration of staircases. The renovation includes the renovation of the floors and ceilings of the building so that the chateau can be used by the public after the reconstruction. The basic activity of the project is the building reconstruction of the northern chateau wing and its subsequent opening to the public in its entirety. Together with the project partners we will open an exhibition stand in the chateau. The project will also include one-off cultural activities (concerts, exhibitions, workshops). The target groups are inhabitants of the region, tourists, but also participants of seminars, workshops, concerts and exhibitions both from the Czech Republic and abroad, especially from neighboring Saxony.

The project partners bring a very significant added value in presenting both the international holocaust in historical and regional contexts and the presentation of Roma culture and history, which is a very topical topic in the Šluknov area today. Another important area will be the presentation of contemporary art and joint cultural exchange between partners from Norway and the Czech Republic. The history of the chateau's rescue, the history of minorities in the region and their culture, especially the Roma, will be presented. Every year starting in 2021, at least one concert of classical and Roma music, a workshop, an exhibition project and a seminar will be organized in cooperation.