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Provocative Theatre

Department 58 – International Relations
Department 58 – International Relations


Updated 23-5-2022

Region National coverage
Title of the ProgrammeCulture
Title of the ProjectProvocative Theatre
Number of the ProjectKU-CA1-005
Project Promoter

Lisen Theatre z.s.

Project Partner from Donor State

Kate Pendry (NOR)


Estimated project duration: 05/2021-04/2023

More Information

Target group: General public, Students (any age), Roma population

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Total Eligible Costs

187 213 EUR


168 492 EUR (90 %)

Project description:

The project will develop the engaged theatre and make it more accessible and help with starting discussions about the current problems in our society. Engaged theatre reacts to current social and political topics and intends to portray them with high artistic quality, while initiating a dialogue about these topics, and contributing to their solution in an original and creative way.

The project is based on the experience of Divadlo Líšeň in this genre. It reacts to the situation in the current Czech theatre production within which the engaged theatre is being developed, but is not accessible to the general public. Additionally, the project reflects the current challenges of the Czech society.

In terms of the project, we will make a new performance that will focus on the 50s in Czechoslovakia and the effect of the inability to deal with totalitarian past on the present times. We will create composed programs, each consisting of one of the performances and a discussion or lecture lead by an expert, who develops the performance’s topic. We will renew the Paramisa production, which connects Roma and non-Roma cultural traditions, artists, and public. The play will be presented together with the workshop.

We will realize activities with an Icelandic and a Norwegian partner. With both of them, we will share our experiences. We will also introduce the works of Norwegian partner Kate Pendry to the public. Together we will work on developing the possibilities of puppet and visual theatre and engaged art. Project implementation team members will attend educational seminars).

We seek to make the engaged theatre more accessible to the general public and thus focus on implementing the project in cooperation with schools and performing in publicly accessible areas. Project target groups: general public, pupils and students, Roma, members of Divadlo Líšeň.