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Professionalization of the uMENIM (changes through art) platform

Department 58 – International Relations
Department 58 – International Relations


Updated 11-7-2022
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Region National coverage
Title of the ProgrammeCulture
Title of the ProjectProfessionalization of the uMENIM (changes through art) platform
Number of the ProjectKU-CB1-018
Project Promoter

uMENIM - Platform for creative learning

Project Partner from Donor State


Czech Partner

Czech Society for Inclusive Education


Estimated project duration: 03/2021 – 08/2022

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Target group: Artists, General public, Children and Youth (0-17)

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Total Eligible Costs

55 260 EUR


49 734 EUR (90 %)

Project description:

The project focuses on the professionalization of the first Czech platform for dialogue between culture and education. The project will professionalize the uMENIM platform and thanks to that a strong, stable partner will start operating in the Czech Republic, developing interdisciplinary cooperation between art and education with significant benefits for both areas.

The project enables (with setting up cooperation processes, professional development of members, advocacy activities and setting up communication and fundraising strategies) to realize the full potential of the platform.

The project will benefit professional artists and actors from the creative industries who will gain access to new jobs, public administrators (politicians, officials, school founders) who will gain access to cultural expertise, schools, teachers, pupils, students, and children from disadvantaged social groups who will gain access to better education. For members of the platform, the project is important in terms of developing the skills of their staff.

The project will present, promote and defend the phenomenon of creative learning and interdisciplinary cooperation among artists, cultural organizations, schools and public administration entities. Thanks to the project, key competencies for pupils should be developed as well as teaching for both pupils and their parents should be improved. Furthermore, educational institutions and public administration bodies should be motivated to cooperate together and there should also be a positive impact on the development of cities and local communities.