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Postpandemic strategy of development and professionalization of Czech cinemas

Department 58 – International Relations
Department 58 – International Relations


Region National coverage
Title of the ProgrammeCulture
Title of the ProjectPostpandemic strategy of development and professionalization of Czech cinemas
Number of the ProjectKU-CB2-016
Project Promoter

Czech Exhibitors’ Association

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Czech Partner



Project duration (phase of the project): 03/2022 – 07/2023

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Target group: SMEs, Czech cinemas

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Total Eligible Costs

31 433 EUR


27 962 EUR (89 %)

Project description:

Our project will contribute to the professional growth of Czech cinemas, which are associated under the Czech Exhibitors’ Association (hereinafter APK) and, ultimately, the entire professional audiovisual community. Thanks to the project's outputs, cinemas and other professionals will improve their ability to meet the challenges posed to culture by the Covid-19 pandemic. In the rapidly changing world of audiovisual production, they will gain professional confidence and improve much-needed communication with each other, leading to greater stability of the whole sector.

As part of the project, we will implement a series of educational activities carried out immediately after our three largest professional meetings. We will add one day to each of these meetings, during which we will organize a series of workshops for a narrower group of cinema operators. Based on the outputs, we will create a new strategy for working with (young) audiences, which will benefit the entire professional community.

An integral part are also four planned trainings for the management of the APK Board of Directors. One of the training’s outputs will also be the  creation of an APK management methodology, including guidelines that will serve to maintain the continuity of the association's management.