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PLAY IBSEN! Theatre Play with Accompanying Programme

Department 58 – International Relations
Department 58 – International Relations


Updated 28-6-2022
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Region Prague
Title of the ProgrammeCulture
Title of the ProjectPLAY IBSEN! Theatre Play with Accompanying Programme
Number of the ProjectKU-CA1-055
Project Promoter

Jedl, z.s.

Project Partner from Donor State

Anders Gronlien (NO)


Estimated project duration: 5/2021-5/2023

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Target group: Students (any age), General public, Women

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Total Eligible Costs

172 374 EUR


191 527 EUR

Project description:

The project is realized by JEDL, z.s., presenting creation of the director Jan Nebeský jointly with the script writer and actress Lucie Trmíková and the actor David Prachař.

The purpose of the project is development of an interdisciplinary theatre play Play Ibsen! and an accompanying programme. It will be created in cooperation with the Norwegian artist Anders Gronlien. The script to the theatre play will be created as an authorial synthesis by the script writer and actress L. Trmíková, who is going to build on and process her acting experience with Ibsen’s female protagonists. The directorial plan will be created by J. Nebeský who has devoted himself to Ibsen's work throughout his entire career; he has directed 8 of his plays.

The script will explore Ibsen’s relationship with women: with specific women in his life, and with the female protagonists in his plays. When writing the script, L. Trmíková will work with material and experience she gained when depicting 6 female Ibsen characters. The script will follow a struggle between a man and a woman for their relationship, for themselves, for their children, for dignity, for life. This time, however, Trmíková‘s activity on the script will be enriched by another inspirational element: to her work will also add aspect of results of current research in the area of gender studies.

Within the project are scheduled several activities:

  • creation of a new theatre play, premiere
  • In total 28 repeat performances for audience both in Prague and in regions
  • Accompanying programme including 2 courses on authorial theatre, debates with students focused on the gender aspects of the theatre play etc.
  • Support for the cultural exchange between the Czech Republic and Norway

The project’s aim is also to contribute to the international debate on the topicality of Ibsen’s plays, and to highlight issues that are still relevant today despite the amount of time that has passed since Ibsen’s premieres.