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Mapping the Needs of Professional DJs and Musicians in the Remix Culture and Enhancing Their Qualifications

Department 58 – International Relations
Department 58 – International Relations


Region National coverage
Title of the ProgrammeCulture
Title of the ProjectMapping the Needs of Professional DJs and Musicians in the Remix Culture and Enhancing Their Qualifications
Number of the ProjectKU-CB1-014
Project Promoter

Association of Authors and Performers

Project Partner from Donor State

Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences

Czech Partner

Palacky University in Olomouc
University of Finance and Administration


Project duration (phase of the project): 03/2021 – 06/2022

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Target group: Artists, Entrepreneurs

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Total Eligible Costs

64 724 EUR


58 251 EUR (90 %)

Project description:

The project seeks to contribute to the professional growth of DJs and musicians working with music remix. Unlike many other professional musicians, such as singers and concert performers, DJs lack a professional organization that would enable them to gather to pursue their musical interests and would provide them with professional advice and assistance.

The Union of Authors and Performers (SAI) seeks to increase the legal and professional awareness of DJs and to enhance their professional qualifications (for example, by drawing attention to the correct procurement of licences for the use of musical works and recordings for their own creative work or performances). Existing sources of information, which tend to be focused on traditional occupations in the field of popular music will be extended to the often-neglected occupation of DJ and will consider questions related to remix practices in music production. For these musicians methodological recommendations including the publication of a printed manual and information materials will be prepared.

The main output of the project will be a handbook for musicians with recommendations for best practices. The project will thus strengthen the capacity of the SAI, which will then also be able to focus on DJs in the future. It will, moreover, increase the professional qualifications of DJs as self-employed entrepreneurs, professionals who have so far received little attention from the SAI. It will also bring together Czech and Norwegian experts to exchange knowledge and best practices.