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Iron smelter Barbora revitalization in Jince

Department 58 – International Relations
Department 58 – International Relations


Updated 2-8-2022
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Region Central Bohemian Region
Title of the ProgrammeCulture
Title of the ProjectIron smelter Barbora revitalization in Jince
Number of the ProjectKU-CH1-005
Project Promoter

Jince Township

Project Partner from Donor State

Fjellugla Kompetanse AS (NOR)

Czech Partner

Orlov Ecological Centre


Estimated project duration: 4/2021 – 4/2024

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Target group:children and Youth, general public, civil society organizations

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Total Eligible Costs

1 832 054 EUR


1 498 054 EUR

Project description:

The cultural monument iron smelter Barbora is the most important and complete technical monument of the older era of blast furnace pig iron production in the Bohemian lands, but also in Europe, with origin in 1805. It was in operation for over sixty years until modern metallurgy come around. The project will save the cultural monument and return it to its original state and into the life of Jince Township thanks to the reconstruction of the destroyed buildings.

We will save the smelter Barbora by revitalization and added construction of the original object, indoor displays and outdoor displays preparation. Within the object reconstruction, we will repair the exterior and interior plasters, preserve the furnace body and restore the floors. The window and door panels will be preserved or replaced in their original style.

As for the object renovation, we plan to build the building according to the original plans and according to National Heritage Institute recommendations. We will connect this building with the reconstructed object in order to preserve the value of the cultural monument. We will create space for exhibitions and Jince community meetings within added building.

In total, we will create 4 indoor displays. The first display will be interactive and will focus on “Life in iron smelter Barbora” (animation and 3D reality). The second is dedicated to "new Paganini" Josef Slavík (born in Jince). The third display is dedicated to the Geopark Barrandien and paleontological findings in Jince. The last display concerns Brdy nature. We will organize workshops, cultural events and experience activities for Jince residents or Brdy visitors.

Two project partners participate in the project: Ecological Centre Orlov o.p.s.(CZ) and Fjellugla Competence Ltd.(Norway). The Norwegian partner will provide guidance in cultural tourism, local community development, establishing new jobs, educating young people and their future and other subjects.