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Czech Cultural Network NOVA SIT

Department 58 – International Relations
Department 58 – International Relations


Updated 20-4-2022
  • Project website updated

Region National coverage
Title of the ProgrammeCulture
Title of the ProjectCzech Cultural Network NOVA SIT
Number of the ProjectKU-CB1-002
Project Promoter

Nová síť z.s.

Project Partner from Donor State

Surnadal Billag A/S (Norway)


Estimated project duration: 12/2020 – 05/2022

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Target group: Artists, general public, Civil society organizations

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Total Eligible Costs

84 673 EUR


60 000 EUR (71 %)

Project description:

The main intention of the programme is to support each and individual member of the Czech cultural network in developing new skills and competencies as well as strengthening the cooperation among art professionals in general.

The project aim and result will be a strengthened organisational structure, effective cooperation and improved skills and competencies of members with a special focus on development of the audience. Another benefit will be a cooperation of organisations focused on performing arts in the Czech Republic, their advocacy by means of holding a conference Culture Get-Together and by a better monitoring of the residency places in the Czech Republic. Functional and updated on-line platform/network ART-IN-RES and a new residency programme (residencies for artists and for managers in the Czech Republic and in Norway).

  1. Several dozens of art workers will be trained during the project via a series of seminars and workshops. The result will be strengthened skills of art managers in the fields of management of the organisation, financing, communication with local authorities, development of the audience.
  2. Thanks to three meetings of the network (meeting for Cooperation start group, meeting for Network Partners group and Plenary meeting), we will be able to analyse the current state, conditions and the needs of the regions, strengthen the cooperation and communication among the governmental and non - governamental organizations.
  3. The conference related to the cooperation in culture - Culture Get-Together will support the cooperation in arts in the fields of theatre, dance and contemporary circus and will map the current state of the concrete fields. Extra focus will be put on the strategies of the audience development and publishing of the brochure with strategies and recommendations, as well as thoughts and current state.
  4. By the new platform ART IN RES and by opening the residency programme, the cultural community will gain a comprehensive centralized map of the residency providers. The aim will be to get the attention and create a programme for the residency support even on the level of the grant system of the Czech Republic / which is currently not existing.